Saturday, September 27, 2008

General Update - Almost 5 months!

Wow, I can't believe that our little boys will be 5 months old in 6 days. Time has flown by. They are getting bigger, smarter and funnier every day.
They are both developing and reaching their milestones in leaps and bounds. Both boys have rolled over from belly to back, and both can roll from back to side. They are both very close to being able to roll from back to belly. The weather is getting warmer, and now that the ground is not so cold, they are both spending a lot more time on the floor, working on their strength.

Below is Benji sitting in his chair. He has sat in that same chair dozens of times before, and then suddenly discovered there was a picture on it. It was so funny, he kept turning around and looking at the panda!

Benji's skin is looking really good these days. When he was on breast milk we were putting cortisone cream on it about 5 times a week, and since we've changed his diet to hypoallergenic formula we've only used it once a week!! He is still having a bit of tummy upset with the change in diet, but his skin is SOOOOO much better, it's definitely worth it. We still have our appointment with the allergy clinic in November. We hope they will give us some specific answers in relation to his allergies, as we still don't know what he's actually allergic to.
Ethan continues to get bigger and fatter every day.... he's a solid boy! He loves his breast milk and is very happy to get it for every meal now he doesn't have to share with his brother. He continues to be a very happy baby who talks a lot, and sometimes even argues with his toys. Below, Ethan lies in his magic burping position. This position never fails to produce a burp after a bottle. (He's lying over the arm rest of the couch) Both boys are learning to sit. They can not balance properly yet and fall in any and all directions if you let go..... but they like to sit and practice. Below is Ethan, practicing his sitting.

Ethan and Tracie

Today we took the boys for the 4month immunisation. Poor darlings didn't like it at all. They screamed..... but settled pretty quickly with some cuddles and a bottle. Last time they had a terrible reaction and got high temperatures and really miserable and cried for about 2 days. We hope it wont be so bad this time.... but we're prepared with some Panadol (Tylenol) and lots of cuddles!

Boys Eating

We decided to see what the boys would do with some rice cereal. Ethan had some a few weeks ago and didnt know what to do. It was Benji's first time and both boys really liked it this time.

Ethan went first. He started out not knowing what to think, but after we gave him the spoon and let him feed himself he thought it was great, and started to get excited each time we gave him the spoon. He was so funny - and messy!

Benji knew what to do right away. He opened his mouth and let Tracie put the food right in. He didn't spit as much out as Ethan, and seemed to enjoy it. He also had a go at feeding himself, and made a nice mess of it!

At the park

Last weekend we went to the local Japanese Gardens for lunch with the boys and Nanna. We went for a walk in the gardens after lunch, the boys had fun looking at and smelling the plants.
Ethan laying on the grassEthan inspecting the wisteria.Sal and Ethan - showing off his standing skillsSal and Benji - Showing off his standing skills.
Sal and Benji inspecting the wisteria
Benji - not happy anymore. Gotta love that bottom lip!!! Too cute

Saturday, September 20, 2008

General Update - 4 months and 3 weeks old!

Things are going well, our little boys are getting so big, and are learning new skills all the time. They are both getting very good at standing up and holding their own body weight. Benny absolutely loves to stand up, and will do it for several minutes if you have to the patience to help him with his balance. Below is Benny standing up.

Below is Ethan standing up. He is even balancing him self with his hands on the coffee table.Benji is getting very good at moving his body where he wants it to go. If you prop him up on a pillow or couch he will do a movement like abdo crunches and try to sit forward. Sometimes he will slide down, then try and roll over. He can't always get where he wants, but he's getting better all the time. He has rolled over from tummy to back a few times, and often rolls from back to side and back again. He's getting very good. He still doesn't like tummy time, and spends most of it whinging.
Below is a pic of Benji on the couch laying on his tummy. We we put him sitting up in the corner of the couch and he moved onto his tummy himself.

Both boys like their toys that hold them upright (walker or exersaucer). We have read all the terrible things about these toys, but both boys LOVE spending time in them, and talk and laugh for ages. This video is the boys sitting in the walkers and having a great chat!

Below is Benji in the walker.... he was more interested in eating it than walking!
Below is Ethan in the Exersaucer.
Today Ethan had a fantastic time walking around the back yard in his walker . He had so much fun, laughing, smiling and talking. He is getting good at making is move, now he needs to learn about the steering!

Here is Ethan in the back yard, he is sitting on aunty Linda's car, and thinks it's very funny!

Benji's skin is still bad, red and itchy. He has even made him self bleed while trying to scratch. Tracie has been on her elimination diet for 4 weeks now. Benny is a happier child, and doesn't whinge as much, but his skin is still bad, possibly worse than it was before. We're not sure why. We're getting desperate.... we feel so sorry for him and the weather is getting warmer (which will probably make his skin worse), so we're going to try something else. We are taking him off breast milk and putting him on the hypoallergenic formula for 2-3 weeks to see if it helps. This will defiantly tell us if it's a food allergy. Tracie's cousin is being very generous and giving us some cans of formula as it's very expensive (about $100/week) and we have to wait until mid November before we can have him allergy tested and get the formula subsidised. We are hoping that this will help..... poor baby. On the plus side, Tracie is very pleased to be off her very restrictive and boring diet!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

General Update - 4 months and 2 weeks old!

Things are going well.... busy busy!!!! Our little boys are growing so fast. We had them weighed and Ethan weighs 7.6kg (16lb 12oz) and Benji is 6.7kg (14lb 12oz) - Ethan is still gaining faster than Benji, but they say Benny's ok, so not to worry.
Since birth they have been sleeping in the same cot. We have always planned to move them to separate cots when they got older, but lately they have been disturbing each other in their sleep, and waking prematurely. On Saturday evening we got our second cot out of lay-by and separated the little monkeys. They look so little in the big cots alone!
They took to it very well, we thought they might miss each other, but that night they slept for 11hours!! Wooohooo..... hope they can keep it up!

The cots are still in our room, against one wall......Ethan on the left, Benji on the right.
Ethan in his cotBenji in his cot. Notice one foot in the air.... that's because he's kicking the bars on the cot. He LOVES to kick and stop his feet.
The other day we decided to buy some rice cereal to have in the cupboard for when we want to use it (it was on sale!!). Sal couldn't resist trying it out, so we gave Ethan a taste. He was so funny.... he didn't know what to think or what to do! As you can see by the look on his face, he didn't like it much.
Both boys continue to LOVE bath time. Benji especially loves to kick and splash in his bath. Below is Benji in the bath.

Benji getting dry.
Benji laying on his tummy getting cream on his back.
Ethan having a bath..... he's not quite sure about the whole procedure some times!
Ethan getting dry
Ethan lying on his tummy getting cream on his back.