Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fun at swimming

Ben and Ethan are still enjoying swimming lessons. They have such fun with their teacher Mark.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

USA Trip–Orlando (part 2)

After a day relaxing at the hotel and some shopping, our next day trip was to the Kennedy Space Centre. We enjoyed seeing all the huge rockets.


And we had fun playing in the water fountain. It was hot!tn_IMG_9000_edited-1tn_IMG_9002tn_IMG_9007tn_IMG_9011

Tracie and the boys in the rocket garden – it was an impressive sight!tn_IMG_9013tn_IMG_9017


Another day, we spent the morning playing Mini Golf. It was a first for Ben and Ethan, and they loved it.



The next day, we took the boys to Lego Land, while Grandma and Uncle Graham went to Universal Studios.


We LOVED Lego Land. It was perfect for their age (and older), but there was only 2 rides in the whole park they couldn’t go on…. and I think we went on nearly 20 rides that day. We had a great time, and I would defiantly recommend it, and would love to go back one day!

One of our favouries was the Rescue Academy. We had to drive a fire truck to the fire, pump the water to put out the fire, then drive it back. The boys thought it was great, and they are very into fire fighting at the moment. tn_P1010117tn_P1010118They also enjoyed driving these carstn_P1010125tn_P1010126

Tracie and Ethan at Boating School.tn_P1010128

Ben on the Royal Jousttn_P1010135

Ethan on the Royal Joust.tn_P1010137

Driving Mummy around!tn_P1010139tn_P1010140

Driving Mumma aroundtn_P1010147

We braved Beetle Bounce – a ride that pulls you up and drops you and keeps bouncing you up and down. They didn’t like it during the ride, but will now tell you they did like it! tn_P1010155

Yep, we went on that roller coaster. Sal went on it twice, first with Ben, then with Ethan. Each time we sat in the front seat. That’s Sal’s arm you can see raised up waving.tn_P1010161tn_P1010162

And the carousel to finish off the day.tn_P1010163

It was a great day at Lego Land!


Our next day out was Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


Tree of life. – Hard to tell in this photo, but it’s trunk is “carved” into many different animals. It’s an incredible work of art.tn_P1010168

Kilimanjaro Safari (ride) is the highlight of the Animal Kingdom. You ride around in jeeps like on safari, looking at all the animals. They have a HUGE area of real animals, and they come very close to the jeep. We had to wait for this giraffe to get off the road so we could keep going!


Sal and Ethan on the Triceratops ridetn_P1010181tn_P1010182

Lunch at the Rainforest Cafe!tn_P1010185tn_P1010189

In the afternoon we headed over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The boys loved meeting Handy Manny.tn_P1010192

And Jake (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates)tn_P1010194tn_P1010195


But the best part was Disney Junior Live on Stage! It was a 30 minute show that was like an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. But with guest appearances from Jake and the Pirates, Handy Manny and Young Einsteins. The boys like all those shows, and LOVED seeing it live on stage!tn_P1010203tn_P1010208tn_P1010211



At Disney’s Epcot, we went on many rides, including Finding Nemo, which was very cute.tn_P1010214

The flower festival was even more amazing at Epcot, with every Disney character you can imagine, made into topiary  tn_P1010216tn_P1010217

Days at Disney are EXHAUSTING!!tn_P1010219tn_P1010220

Graham and Tracie – Brother and Sister in the only photo we got of the two of them!tn_P1010221

Orlando was PACKED full of adventures and fun. We had a wonderful time! The weather was hot, but perfect for swimming and fun in the sun. We were sad to say goodbye to Uncle Graham, but we are hopeful that he will come visit us in Australia one day soon!