Thursday, September 15, 2011


We are busy planning our trip to America for April/May 2012.

First step is done, all have new passports!!!

Here they are….. de-identified of course! – I love a 3yr old mug-shot!


ben ethan sal tracie

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Swimming Lessons. 3years 4months old

Ben and Ethan are going to swimming lessons on Mondays and Thursdays. They are really loving swimming lessons at the moment, and they are doing really well. Last Monday I took the good camera (I usually use my iphone) and took some photos and video with it.


Song to start….. “when all the cows were sleeping, and the sun had gone to bed….”tn_IMG_6800 

…. “up jumped the scarecrow and this is what he said……. i’m a dingle dangle scarecrow with a flippy floppy hat, i can splash my hands like this, and stomp my feet like that”….tn_IMG_6802

Water on Ethan’s head.tn_IMG_6806

Water on Ben’s headtn_IMG_6809 

Ben puts his face in to find the ring tn_IMG_6811

Ethan’s face in to find the ring….tn_IMG_6813

Not that they need encouragement to put their face under anymore. This is what they do while waiting for their turntn_IMG_6821

Kicking practice.tn_IMG_6824

We are so proud of our clever little swimmers.

Just for a fun comparison, I have made two little videos of the boys swimming. The first is from a few months ago (Age 2y9m to 3y2m), and the second is from this week to see the improvement (3yr4m).




Wednesday, September 7, 2011

At the beach!!

We had a beautiful warm spring day yesterday so we took a trip to the beach.

The last time we went to the beach, was the summer when they were 18-20 months old (except for a walk on the beach on our camping trip last year). Our experience when they were younger was quite a disaster, they didn’t like the sand, they didn’t like the waves/water and they cried about getting cold and sandy……so last summer we didn’t really go to the beach.

Yesterday was a totally different experience. They LOVED the beach. The LOVED the sand and the water. It was fantastic in the rock pool. The first 20-30metres of the rock pool was really shallow, about knee depth for a toddler. It was perfect. They could run out in the water and it was really safe. There was only about 10 kids in a huge pool and they were all 2-4 years old, and everyone was happy and playing in the water.

I dug two huge holes, and the boys had great fun running in the water, collecting a bucket of water, then dumping it in the hole. They jumped in the holes, and then when they got tired, they rested in their holes too. We spent about an hour on the beach and it was so much fun. We look forward to many trips to the beach this summer.

IMG_3025 IMG_3027 IMG_3028 The next 3 photos are what I get with 3yr old twins when you ask them both to look up for a photo!IMG_3030 IMG_3031 IMG_3033 IMG_3037 IMG_3038 IMG_3039 IMG_3041 IMG_3043 IMG_3045 IMG_3046

We love sunny spring mornings at the park

Spring is coming, and we have had a few warm sunny days in the last 2 weeks. We are looking forward to the warmer weather and playing outside with our energetic little boys. Ben and Ethan have so much energy, that a couple of hours at the park is a perfect way to work out that extra energy.

The photos below are from a morning at the park this week.

tn_IMG_6587 tn_IMG_6591 tn_IMG_6595 tn_IMG_6596 tn_IMG_6597 tn_IMG_6599 tn_IMG_6605 tn_IMG_6606 tn_IMG_6610 tn_IMG_6611 tn_IMG_6614 tn_IMG_6616 tn_IMG_6629 tn_IMG_6652 tn_IMG_6655 tn_IMG_6659 tn_IMG_6660 tn_IMG_6664 tn_IMG_6667 tn_IMG_6675 tn_IMG_6689 tn_IMG_6696 tn_IMG_6716 tn_IMG_6737 tn_IMG_6761 tn_IMG_6764 tn_IMG_6766 tn_IMG_6775 tn_IMG_6780 tn_IMG_6786