Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another fun day at the park

This morning, Sal took the boys to the park. It was great fun. They took their bikes, and enjoyed riding them down the ramp.

We also play “shop” and Ethan sold me cars, trucks, books and even some flowers and chocolates. He thought it was a great game. The boys are starting to enjoy pretend play.

tn_IMG_2149tn_IMG_2157 tn_IMG_2056 tn_IMG_2057 tn_IMG_2060 tn_IMG_2061 tn_IMG_2066 tn_IMG_2090 tn_IMG_2092 tn_IMG_2096 tn_IMG_2103 tn_IMG_2114 tn_IMG_2123 tn_IMG_2137 

A great day at the park!!

Day at the Aquarium

Sal and Tracie both work part time, and usually 7 days a week between the two of us. It’s rare to get a day off together…. So we have decided that we will try to take one day a month to spend as a family. We will go out, and have fun together….

Yesterday we went to Ocean World Manly. The boys had a wonderful time looking at the fish, turtles, star fish, octopus and sharks. Ocean World has a huge tank full of tropical fish on the upper level, as well as a touch pool. On the lower level is a HUGE tank with a tunnel through it. You can walk through the tunnel and see the sharks, stingrays, and hundreds of fish swimming all around. It’s an amazing experience!


Tracie, Ben and Ethan exploring the touch pool…tn_IMG_1939 tn_IMG_1942  tn_IMG_1946 

The underwater tunneltn_IMG_1963 tn_IMG_1954tn_IMG_1970 tn_IMG_1972 tn_IMG_1977


There are so many pictures, so I’ve turned it into a collage. Not sure if it will work, but here goes!

Some of the inhabitants….


And a few pictures from outside the aquarium…

tn_IMG_2047 tn_IMG_2051 tn_IMG_2052 tn_IMG_2054