Sunday, October 26, 2008


Below is a video of Benji laughing. He's laughing at Sal behind the camera blowing raspberries.

Below is Ethan playing with his toy bar.


Ethan is our very easy going happy child. Ethan will always smile when mummy sings "twinkle twinkle little star" to him. It is his favorite song! Ethan is teething big time, and will suck and chew on anything he can get his hands on. He doesn't have any teeth yet, but you can feel the two bumps under his gums where he will have teeth soon.
Below is Ethan in his walker today at Aunty Linda's farewell party. Ethan again in his walker
Ethan having cuddles with Nanna

More cuddles with nanna.
Ethan playing with his toys on the floor.
Ethan discovering the coffee table.
Ethan rolling around on the floor.Ethan practicing his sitting up. He sat for about 30seconds here. His best effort yet! He is close to being able to sit alone. A little more practice and he'll be a pro!Ethan at the family picnic on Saturday.
Ethan at the family picnic again.
Ethan having fun in the bath


Things are going well for our little Benny. He is getting bigger and cuter every day. He is a very happy smiley boy who is a well behaved easy going child - most of the time! He likes to put on a performance about drinking his bottle sometimes, and kicks his little legs likes crazy, but most of the time it goes down without a fuss. He's still doing well on his Elecare. He gets bad eczema and welts when we go shopping or someone who's eaten touches him.

Today we went to Aunty Linda's farewell party. Aunty Linda is going on an overseas adventure to Canada and USA for 3months. Below is Benji with Aunty Linda.Aunty Linda again with a very tired Benji about 2 hours later. Benji was crying until Aunty Linda gave him a back rub! Benji in his walker.
Benji in his walker again.
Tracie and Benji on Saturday at a family picnic.
Benji showing off at the picnic.

Sal and Benji at the picnic.
Benji in Bronti's pram!!! Benny again. Having a great time in his favorite walker.
Benny in the bath. Chewing his rings.
Benny in the bath, playing with his toes.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We're terrible mothers

How terrible!!! I've just been informed that i have not updated this site in 2 weeks!!!
So naturally i went to the camera to upload some new pics, only to discover that we haven't taken any pics since Benji got teeth! We're terrible, and I'm sorry. Sal has only had two days off in the last 15 days and we've been so busy on those days that nothing fun has happened!
Here's an update on what's going on.

Benny still has just the 2 teeth, they are growing and you can really see them when he smiles now, so cute. Benji is eating like a trooper. He is having 200mls (7oz) every 3 hours through the day, and is sleeping about 11-12 hours from about 7pm-6:30am through the night. He will usually wake up 1-3 times in the early hours of the morning and cry for his dummy (pacifier) We will get up, give it to him and he goes back to sleep. Unfortunatly we have him in the habbit of needing his dummy, but we are also greatful that that is all he needs, and it not one of these babies that wakes up and needs to be fed and rocked back to sleep. We are getting good at getting him his dummy in our sleep we can bearly remember doing it in the morning!
Benji now weighs 6.7kg (14lb 12oz) and is 65cm long (25.5inches). He is in the lower ranges for weight and middle for length. They seems happy with this, as he's been in the same percentiles since birth.
Benji is wanting to sit up. If we lay him in a semireclined position he will lift his head and shoulders off the ground like a situp. He can not yet sit unaided, but he's trying. He can roll from his belly to his back and back to belly. He has only done this a few times, so often gets upset about the fact that he can't do what he wants to do. He can push his head and chest off the floor when on his tummy. He loves to lie on his back and kick his legs and move around the floor. We have a mat on the floor that we lay him on. Today he wriggled so much he moved him self about one metre (3feet) and rolled off the mat! Benji also loves to stand and play in his walker. He can not yet make it move on the carpet, but can go backwards on the kitchen floor. Benny's favorite toys are his freind Rodney (teddy bear), plastic rings and a material book that crinkles when you touch it. He can pick up all these items and put them straight in his mouth.
Benny is still eating the hypoallergenic formula Elecare. He is doing really well on it and his skin is SO SO SO much better that it was when he was having breastmilk and dairy or soy formula. We will be taking his to a peadatric allergist in November and we're looking forward to getting some answers about his allergies. We are forever greatful to Tracie's cousin for supplying us with elecare as she has saved us more than $1000!!!! Thank you Thank you to Nikky and Bronti!!!! Elecare is $60/tin (that lasts 3 days) without a goverment prescription. You can only get a goverment prescription after you have had allergy testing, and you can only get allergy tested after 6 months old. With a goverment prescription it is $5 for 6 tins. We are hoping to get this prescription when we get Benny allergy tested in November.

Ethan is out chubby little baby. He weighs 7.95kg (17lb 8oz) and is 67cm long (26.4 inches). He is streaking ahead of Benji as he was only 600g (1lb 2oz) heavier at birth! He's in the 75th percentile for height and weight. Ethan is also eating about the same amount as Benny, 200mls (7oz) every 3 hours. Ethan is on breastmilk still for most feeds, and only gets formula for convienence when we go out. He always pulls funny faces when we give him formula, he's a smart boy and knows when it's not his favorite breastmilk!
Ethan can do the same rolling as benny can around the floor. He doesn't try to sit up like Benny does, but when lying on his belly, he bends his knees under himself and lifts his bum in the air. I believe this is the first step to getting on your hands and knees for crawling.
Ethan's favorite activity is the exersaucer. He can stand and play for ages. He also likes his plastic rings, teething rings, his teddy Andy and material books that crinkle. Ethan's favorite toy of all time is Mummies finger that he will grab and put straight in his mouth and bite whenever he gets the chance. We have to have seperate toys for each boy due to Benny's allergies. Everything goes in the mouth with these children! We have to mark them with a 'B' and an 'E'.

Our little boys are now too big for their baby capsule car seat. Last week we bought them new carseats. They look nice and comfortable and safe, and the boys seems to like them. They are still in the rearward facing position as they can not yet sit unaided and this is the safest way for them to travel. When buying a car seat we were faced with the choice of which model to choose. We wanted the safest model available, which narrowed it down to the 2most expensive seats, as they are the only ones with aditional head support for a side collision accident. The only difference between the two, was that the more expensive model ($40 more expensive) came with built-in speakers in the seat!!! These seats will last them till they are 4years old, and we decided that $40 extra was worth it to not listen to 4 years of The Wiggles..... so we got the seats with speakers. We then went a got a small cheap MP3 player and loaded all the boys music on to it, and look forward to many Wiggle free years in the car!!!!

We are planning a nice weekend of visiting family and friends this weekend, as Sal has 3 days off in a row!!! YAY!! We promise to take some nice pics and update again soon.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Benji has two teeth!!!

We noticed them when he bit Sal's finger on October 2nd (one day before 5months old). Both teeth are down the bottom in the middle, and were just poking through the gums. They have come through even more now and are very sharp. We think he's bitten him self a few times, because when he's chewing something, he suddenly starts crying in pain. Poor baby needs to get used to them. He didn't show any real signs of teething before the teeth came through...... only a bit of dribbling, but he always does that! He's upset about his teeth now, whinging and chewing on lots of things.

Ethan continues to dribble, but no teeth yet.

The boys grandma came over this weekend, they had a nice time hanging out with their grandma. Below is Benji on the left and Ethan on the right..... with grandma in the middle!

Benji (left) and Ethan (right) in their chairs
Benji (left) and Ethan (right) in their chairs
Tummy time - Ethan (left) and Benji (right)
Tummy time - Ethan (left) and Benji (right)

Benji in his chair cuddling his teddy Rodney and holding his rings Benji in his walker
Benjamin Ethan in his exersaucer
Ethan eating the flower toy in his exersaucer.