Thursday, October 14, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Both boys love the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Ethan is getting very good at it! Ben is helping Mummy with the video, so has a little commentary in the background.


At the park with Mummy, Mumma and Aunty Linda!

Last week we made the one hour drive to Aunty Linda’s house. We had a great day playing with her cat, in her yard and we went for a short walk to the local primary school. As it was school holidays (spring vacation) there was no kids around, and my little men got the playground all to them self!


Ethan and Mummy with his new favourite game….. playing shop. Ethan sells Mummy all sorts of things from icecream and lollies to  cars, trains and planes. I pay him in bark chips at the price he sets (usually $2) and he gives me other bark chips pretending to be all sorts of things. He thinks this is a wonderful game, and this shows us they start of their blooming imagination and the beginning of “pretend play” A wonderful developmental milestone…. yay for Ethan.tn_IMG_2318 tn_IMG_2327 tn_IMG_2329

Both boys are dressed in the same clothes today (sorry about that!)

Ben is in the blue hat, Ethan in the red hat. Thanks again to our wonderful friends in Texas who sent us these baseball hats. They are well used, and well loved.tn_IMG_2333 tn_IMG_2335 tn_IMG_2338 tn_IMG_2346 tn_IMG_2348 Playing hide and seek. – Finding Aunty Linda behind the tree.tn_IMG_2352 tn_IMG_2353 tn_IMG_2363 tn_IMG_2366 tn_IMG_2368 tn_IMG_2373 tn_IMG_2374 tn_IMG_2380 tn_IMG_2383 tn_IMG_2389 tn_IMG_2393 tn_IMG_2396 tn_IMG_2405

A very warm spring day, and a lot of fun had by all!!

iPhones and Australian Water Dragons


Ethan (and Ben’s) favourite position. Sitting on the bench, playing with the iPhone!tn_IMG_2188 Gorgeous Ethantn_IMG_2194 Taking pictures of Mummy with iPhones.  I find it quite amazing that my 2ys olds can turn on, unlock and play my iPhone. Load their games and take pictures and videos. They also love “helping” me play scrabble!tn_IMG_2201


And then randomally, as they weather warms up, our lizard life is returning. We have a whole bunch of regular skinks and 2-3 Australian Water Dragons living in our yard. We have been living in this house for a year now, and when we first moved in, these 2-3 water dragons were tiny little babies. They could have fit in the palm of your hand. It was interesting watching them grow last summer, and now as they weather warms, they are back, and they are bigger!tn_IMG_2211

From nose to tip of the tail, they are about 30cm long now! The picture below doesn’t show the full length of it’s tail…. it’s very long.tn_IMG_2217

Feeding Sam

Sam is the name the boys have given the bush turkey’s that come to visit us. There are at least 4 different birds that come, but to make things easy, they are all called Sam!


The boys enjoy putting bird seed out on the grass for Sam(s) to eat. The Sam’s are getting a little bold, and have been known to scratch at our back door, peck on our back door, and even fly at the door and bash into it in order to get our attention to feed them! They are not timid at all, and get a little too close for my liking. I am quite sure they would eat seed out of our hands if we let them, but that beak looks a little pointy for my liking.

Far too many pictures of the boys sprinkling bird seed on the grass. They were having so much fun I just kept snapping, and ended up with so many cuties……. especially HEAPS of Ethan right at the end. Too cute!

Ben in the dark blue shirt and blue hat. Ethan in the red.

tn_IMG_2222 tn_IMG_2228 tn_IMG_2232 tn_IMG_2234 tn_IMG_2237 tn_IMG_2238 tn_IMG_2240 tn_IMG_2245 tn_IMG_2246 tn_IMG_2253 tn_IMG_2254 tn_IMG_2265 tn_IMG_2280 tn_IMG_2282 tn_IMG_2283 tn_IMG_2284 tn_IMG_2285 tn_IMG_2286 tn_IMG_2290


I love my little cuties!

Nap time antics..

Oh my little boys, why wont you nap like angels like you did when you were younger???

Nap time happens every day after lunch. About 1-2pm the boys go into their room for a nap. Some days Ben even asks “Bed time now?”. They are usually tired at this time of the day, often cranky, so they need a nap. They go into their room, we put them to bed and close the door and walk away without a problem.

Anywhere from 2-20 mins later the antics start. Over the monitor we hear talking, laughing, jumping, banging, throwing things and a whole lot of noise that is not sleeping!!!!!

When we go into the room to check up on them, we have been greeted by many interesting sights…


Ben, pretending to be sleepingIMG_2185

Ethan pretending to be sleepingIMG_2186

Ethan had taken off his shirtIMG_2167

Ben had taken off his pants. Luckily this day he left his nappy (diaper) on. Other days we are not so lucky, and come in to find him in a wet bed, or a wet floor!IMG_2176

Clothes, toys, pillows, all thrown on the floorIMG_2181

Cheeky boys in their now messy roomIMG_2182 

Now these nap time antics are often annoying, but sometimes quite funny to listen to the conversations!

One day however…. was not so funny.

I (Sal) was home….. lucky Tracie was at work. I knew they were not napping, but I was ignoring them, till I heard the discussion turn to “poopy yukky”

I ran upstairs, but it was too late. Ben had taken off his poopy nappy and given it to Ethan (cots had been rearranged from above pics, and they can now reach each other). Ethan had decided to paint it all over himself and his cot!!! EWWWWWWW – sorry about the poor quality iPhone photos.

tn_photo4 tn_photo tn_photo2 tn_photo3

Both boys were put in the shower while I cleaned the room. Now as most of you know, I am a nurse, so poo doesn’t bother me…… but I really wished I had some gloves!!!

I am pleased to report that we have now outsmarted our 2yr olds. We have a large selection of pants and shorts with drawstring waists and belts. Tight pants can not be removed by little boys!!! YAY!!!

Now they still don’t nap, but at least they are clean when we go back in!