Saturday, July 31, 2010

Far too many photos…

Day 2 of my new camera. We went to 2 parks, and I took about 500 photos!

I have culled them, down to 82… but to be honest, I can’t be borthered to cull them further… So here’s my 82 favourites! (sorry about that…. I promise to only show the very best next time)

Playing at home… tn_IMG_0458 tn_IMG_0459 tn_IMG_0460 tn_IMG_0466 tn_IMG_0471 tn_IMG_0480 tn_IMG_0488tn_IMG_0490

The first park..tn_IMG_0595 tn_IMG_0496 tn_IMG_0499 tn_IMG_0506 tn_IMG_0516 tn_IMG_0517 tn_IMG_0521 tn_IMG_0537 tn_IMG_0542 tn_IMG_0547 tn_IMG_0549 tn_IMG_0558 tn_IMG_0564 tn_IMG_0569 tn_IMG_0573 tn_IMG_0576 tn_IMG_0579 tn_IMG_0585 tn_IMG_0589

The second park..

 tn_IMG_0628 tn_IMG_0633 tn_IMG_0636 tn_IMG_0641 tn_IMG_0647 tn_IMG_0653 tn_IMG_0655 tn_IMG_0657 tn_IMG_0662 tn_IMG_0667 tn_IMG_0672 tn_IMG_0673 tn_IMG_0679 tn_IMG_0682 tn_IMG_0685 tn_IMG_0690 tn_IMG_0694 tn_IMG_0696 tn_IMG_0697 tn_IMG_0704 tn_IMG_0713 tn_IMG_0717 tn_IMG_0718 tn_IMG_0719 tn_IMG_0726 tn_IMG_0728 tn_IMG_0729 tn_IMG_0740 tn_IMG_0744

Then a little break from all that playing for some lunch…

See the park behind Ben. It was flooded (which is why they spent to much time playing on the grass and in the tree)tn_IMG_0747

tn_IMG_0752 tn_IMG_0750

 tn_IMG_0623 tn_IMG_0754 tn_IMG_0756 tn_IMG_0760 tn_IMG_0762 tn_IMG_0764 tn_IMG_0771 tn_IMG_0772 tn_IMG_0777 tn_IMG_0778 tn_IMG_0783 tn_IMG_0800 tn_IMG_0804 tn_IMG_0810 tn_IMG_0819 tn_IMG_0821 tn_IMG_0823 tn_IMG_0825 tn_IMG_0829 tn_IMG_0834 tn_IMG_0841 tn_IMG_0844


We had a great morning at the park, and I had heaps of fun playing with my new camera :)

I look forward to experimenting with the manual controls of the camera. About 80-90% of the above photos were taken in auto mode.