Thursday, May 28, 2009

Benjamin can walk!!!

Our little Benny started to take a few steps just before his birthday (3rd May). Then, about a week after his birthday he started taking about 5-6 steps into our open arms.

Another week later he was walking a little better. Now he can take about 10 steps. He’s still only walking when we encourage him to walk towards us.

Then another week later (this week) he’s walking like a pro! He’s worked out how to stop, change direction and stand up without something to help him. Now, he walks and walks all around the room just for the sake of walking. He’s getting very good. Each day he gets better. He’s even attempted to run a little!

Our little walking star is also becoming a little soccer star. Ben loves to kick the soccer ball. He learnt to kick the ball a few days ago. He’s defiantly a soccer super star in the making!!!

Ethan can walk!!

Our little Ethan started taking a few steps when he noticed we were getting excited about Ben walking a few weeks ago. Unlike Ben, he had not really started to practice standing. Consequently he hasn’t got the same balance skills and is taking a little longer to perfect the art of walking. About a week ago he worked out how to take about 4-5 steps.

In the last 2 days, Ethan has suddenly decided he’s determine to walk and has dramatically improved in just 2 days. He’s now able to walk across the room and does so without any prompting from us. He still crawls and cruises more than he walks, but he’ll be walking like a pro in no time.

Friday, May 8, 2009


One year old! It is truly amazing how much a baby changes and grows and develops in one short year. They say in your first year you grow more than you will in any other year of your life.

Here is a brief overview of the last year.


Born: 3rd May, 2008 @ 8:18am (3weeks premature)

Weight at birth: 3.22kg (7lb 1oz)

Weight at 1year: 10.05kg (22lb 2oz)

Weight gain since birth: 6.83kg (15lb 1oz)


Height at birth: 47cm

Height at 1year: 76cm

Height gain since birth: 29cm




ethan 1 month

2 MONTHSethan 2 months 3 MONTHSethan 3 months 4 MONTHSethan 4 months 5 MONTHSethan 5 months 6 MONTHSEthan 6 months 7 MONTHSethan 7 months 8 MONTHSethan 8 months 9 MONTHSethan 9 months 10 MONTHSethan 10 months 11 MONTHSethan 11 months BIRTHDAY BOY – 1 YEAR OLD!!ethan 12 months 


Born: 3rd May, 2008 @ 8:19am (3weeks premature)

Weight at birth: 2.69kg (5lb 15oz)

Weight at 1year: 9.10kg (20lb 1oz)

Weight gain since birth: 6.41kg (14lb 2oz)


Height at birth: 48cm

Height at 1year: 74.5cm

Height gain since birth: 26.5cm


ben birth 1 MONTHben 1 month 2 MONTHSben 2 months 3 MONTHSben 3 months 4 MONTHSben 4 months 5 MONTHSben 5 months 6 MONTHSben 6 months 7 MONTHSben 7 months 8 MONTHSben 8 months 9 MONTHSben 9 months 10 MONTHSben 10 months 11 MONTHSben 11 months BIRTHDAY BOY – 1 YEAR OLD!!ben 12 months

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More videos

I’ve been meaning to upload a few video posts for a while, but for some reason every time i tried, it failed. We’ve solved the problem so here’s a few more movies :)

First, here’s the boys on the morning of their birthday unwrapping their present.

Here’s the boys playing with their birthday present.


The boys like the light. They can point to the light when we ask where “where’s the light?'”

Cheeky Benjamin

Taking a few steps


Our little boys are starting to take a few steps. Every day they get better.

They are well on their way to learning to walk!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Our boys are one year old!!!
I am going to upload all the party pictures onto this post. There are A LOT of photos – so I wont be putting captions on all the pictures. Sorry…. there’s just too many!

We all had a great day. Tracie, Sal and the boys’ grandma worked for hours and hours and hours to make all the food and clean the house and decorate for the party.

We made sure all the party food was low allergy egg, dairy and nut free. We served: marinated chicken drumsticks, meatballs, party pies, french fries, pear tarts, chips, cookies, natural confectionary lollies, bread and dip, fairy bread, marshmallow slice and honeycomb. Thank you to Grandma, Nana and Aunty Shell for your contributions to the food.

The boys did very well. They were a little overwhelmed when the first guests started to arrive, but soon got into the party spirit and had a great time. We had 28people all crammed into our kitchen and living room. The kids played in the ball pit while the adults talked, laughed and ate party treats.

The boys opened their presents, with a little bit of interest and a lot of encouragement. They were interested in the first present and wanted to play with it before opening the next. We had to keep them on track opening the next present, as there was a fair few presents to open. They got some really nice things – thank you everyone!

We ate cake and sung happy birthday in the garden (so it wasn’t as loud and overwhelming). Sal made the boys an egg and dairy free chocolate mud cake. It was shaped like a number 1. It looked and tasted great!

I will write a longer post about the boys’ latest skills and developmental milestones soon. We are having their 12month check-up on Wednesday.

First – the boys wake up and open their presents from their mummies….

tn_P5030527 tn_P5030515 tn_P5030519 tn_P5030520 tn_P5030523 tn_P5030526

And then it’s party time!!!

Opening presents……….Ben is wearing the orange checked shirt. Ethan’s wearing the brown shirt with orange sleeves.

tn_P5030563 tn_100_0464 tn_100_0465 tn_100_0467 tn_100_0468 tn_P5030531 tn_P5030532 tn_P5030534 tn_P5030537 tn_P5030538 tn_P5030543 tn_P5030544 tn_P5030546 tn_P5030548 tn_P5030550 tn_P5030554 tn_P5030555 tn_P5030556 tn_P5030561

tn_P5030599 tn_P5030564 tn_P5030565 tn_P5030567 tn_P5030568 tn_P5030570 tn_P5030573 tn_P5030576 tn_P5030578 tn_P5030579 tn_P5030580 tn_P5030583 tn_P5030586 tn_P5030587 tn_P5030588 tn_P5030589 tn_P5030591 tn_P5030593 tn_P5030594 tn_P5030595 tn_P5030597

Cake time….tn_P5030605

tn_P5030609tn_P5030607tn_P5030617 tn_100_0471      tn_P5030616 tn_P5030617 tn_P5030618 tn_P5030620 tn_P5030622 tn_P5030630 tn_P5030632 tn_P5030634 tn_P5030635 tn_P5030636 tn_P5030638 tn_P5030639 tn_P5030640 tn_P5030642 tn_P5030646 tn_P5030647 tn_P5030650

AND then just hanging out enjoying the party…..

 tn_P5030603 tn_P5030603a tn_P5030626 tn_P5030627 tn_P5030656 tn_P5030657 tn_P5030658 tn_P5030661 tn_P5030662 tn_P5030666 tn_P5030668 tn_P5030671

tn_100_0478 tn_100_0481  Then after everyone went home, the boys got one more present from Grandma…..tn_100_0492 tn_100_0495 tn_100_0496 tn_100_0499 tn_100_0500 tn_100_0504

Happy Birthday My Little Darlings!