Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Swimming with Aunty Shell, Uncle Michael and Nana

We went to the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre a few weeks ago for a swim. The boys had a FANTASTIC time.



Ethan and Tracietn_P1000478


Ethantn_P1000482 tn_P1000483


Ben and Ethan on the water slidetn_P1000492

Ethan and Saltn_P1000495

Sal, boys and Shell, playing with the wheel that turns the water on/offtn_P1000496 tn_P1000497

Aunty Shell and Bentn_P1000503

Ethan, after just pulling the rope and wetting Sal. He thought that was a great game!tn_P1000504

Boys wetting Aunty Shell.tn_P1000507

Underwater Bennytn_P1000513 tn_P1000516

Benny and Nanatn_P1000517

Ethan and Aunty Shelltn_P1000521

Ben and Tracietn_P1000522

Ethan and Aunty Shelltn_P1000525

Nana, Ethan with Aunty Shell, and Benny with Uncle Michaeltn_P1000526

Aunty Shell and Ethan underwatertn_P1000527 

Ethan pulling that rope again.tn_P1000531

Everyone waiting for the bucket of water to fall….tn_P1000532


A fun morning was had by all.

Homemade Advent Calendar

Today we made our own advent calendar. I was hoping that the boys would enjoy the craft activity, but their interest lasted about 5 mins!

tn_IMG_7122 So Tracie and Sal finished it…. We used toilet rolls, covered them in Christmas wrapping paper, and put presents inside. Odd days have a small chocolate. Even days have a miniature Christmas tree decoration that we will use to decorate a miniature tree for our table.tn_IMG_7123 We labelled them 1-25 and hung them on a board….. times two of course!!tn_IMG_7125 tn_IMG_7127 tn_IMG_7128

The count down to Christmas is on!!


We have seen a diamond python on our back fence about 5-6 times over the last 2 summers. He/She is usually spotted on the back fence in the morning sun.

tn_IMG_6938 tn_IMG_6944 tn_IMG_7104 tn_IMG_7108 tn_IMG_7113

We guess it’s about 2m (6ft) long!


How many emotions and how many faces can a little boy have during one meal? 

Photos of Ethan are posted in the order taken……(ps, we live with these messy faces every day!)

tn_IMG_7054  tn_IMG_7058 tn_IMG_7063  tn_IMG_7074 tn_IMG_7081 tn_IMG_7082  

And cheeky Benny too….



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Swimming Video


Here is a short video Tracie put together showing off the boys swimming. They are 3.5yrs old here, and in Level2 swimming lessons.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Swimming Photos

We bought our self another new camera. It was going to be a Christmas present, or bought in post Christmas sales, but a local shop had a sale last weekend that we couldn’t resist. We already own a beautiful digital SLR camera, which we LOVE, and it takes really nice photos, but it has it’s limitations……

We have bought this new camera as it is waterproof, shockproof, dust/sand proof and most importantly, essentially child proof. We bought primarily to take on our trip to America. We wanted a camera we can take to Disney World, and around other theme parks, and to the beach in Hawaii and not have to always worry about it getting wet, sandy or broken. It is a little, simple point and shoot camera, but it takes reasonable photos. It’s a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT10 in case you’re interested.


We took it to the local pool to test it out last weekend. It’s not bad for a point and shoot camera. (By the way, all the photos in the “Random Fun” post that I just uploaded were taken with this new camera). There is HEAPS of video too, but Tracie is editing it, and it’s still 6minutes long. Once she cuts it down a bit, I will upload it too.

Below are some pool photos. Ben in the green cap and goggles. Ethan has no cap and blue goggles…



I like this one, looks like he’s walking on water!tn_P1000061 tn_P1000062 tn_P1000064 tn_P1000067

Taken by Ben at the top of the slide. tn_P1000086

And some underwater photos…..tn_P1000073 tn_P1000075 tn_P1000076  tn_P1000088  tn_P1000105  tn_P1000133

Ben and Ethan are doing really well at swimming these days. I’ll try and upload some video soon. We have been trying really hard to get them lots of practice with their swimming, so they will be able to have lots of fun this summer, and when we go to America next year. It is paying off, they LOVE swimming, and are improving every week.