Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another day at the park

Our little toddlers LOVE to explore the park. It seems that I only ever get the camera out at the park! So, here are some more pictures of the boys at the park with Aunty Shell and Uncle Michael.


Below is Aunty Shell and Ethan walking up the ramp to the slide.tn_P8230506 

Ethan getting ready to go down the slide tn_P8230508

Aunty Shell helping Ethan go down the slidetn_P8230510

Ethan – going again. . . . . tn_P8230522

. . . . . and again, and again, and again!!!!tn_P8230511

Ethan at the bottom of the big slide.tn_P8230527

Benny going up the ramp to the slidetn_P8230519

Aunty Shell helping Ben go down the slide.tn_P8230515

Ben’s turn again. Poor Aunty Shell is getting a taste of 15month old twins – Ethan wants a turn too!tn_P8230513

Ben    tn_P8230529

Ben playing with the bikestn_P8230507

Both boys and Aunty Shell all pushing the bike down the hill (both boys and the bike fell over about 5 secs later)  tn_P8230531

Uncle Michael and Aunty Shell playing with the boys while us 2 mummies sat and watched (and laughed a little)tn_P8230532

A very very BUSY Benjamin – going over here now mum…..tn_P8230533

Ben tn_P8230536

Ben going down the slide with Uncle Michaeltn_P8230537

The boys had a great time at the park.

Special note to Monica and Deona – did you notice the boys are wearing the t-shirts you gave them for their birthday? This is the first time they’ve worn them as it’s been too cold up until now. They fit fantastically, with a bit of growing room for the summer. We think they look very handsome in their new shirts. Thank you :)


Finally, we thought we’d see how the boys go sitting at the table, rather than their high chairs for meals. So far they’ve had 3 meals at the table, and they have done quite well. Our little babies aren’t babies anymore!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

15.5 months – General update and pictures

Sorry I haven’t updated in so long. With Tracie being back at work, the weeks are just flying by. Life is going well. We are thinking about buying a house, possibly before Christmas, so we have been house hunting a few times. We will be seeing a mortgage broker on Monday, so we know how much we can afford to spend. I’m getting quite excited to have a place of my own.

The boys are going really well. They are absolute pro’s at walking now, and occasionally they are trying to run. It is so cute. Their comprehension is amazing. They follow simple verbal commands very well, and love to help around the house. They are still extremely curious active toddlers who get into EVERYTHING but they are just so cute!!! They are sleeping, eating and growing beautifully at the moment. Benjamin still prefers to squash his vegetables and throw them rather than eat them, but other than that, they are great eaters. We have taken away their afternoon bottles and replaced it with a sippy cup of milk, much to their disgust for the first week. They are ok about it now. They are still having a bottle of formula when they wake up about 7:30am, and when they go to sleep, about 6:30pm. They sleep through the night, 13 hours almost every night. Occasionally teething pain or a stomach ache wakes them, but probably only once or twice a month. They are great sleepers.

They haven’t been officially weighed lately, but I think they are putting on weight. Their clothes are getting too small. Winter is almost over. We are trying to make the last of their winter clothes last the next few weeks, until we can get some new summer clothes. A few days ago we had a surprisingly warm winter day and the boys wore a t-shirt. Ethan was quite confused about being able to see his arms. He kept looking at them and touching them. It was very funny to watch. I guess they can’t remember wearing a t-shirt.

Last night when I got Ethan out of the bath he was standing on the bath mat and he did a wee. He watched his little stream of urine come out of his penis and onto the floor. You could see him studying it very closely. He was extremely proud of him self, smiling and laughing. He attempted to do it again, with much concentration on his face, but couldn’t. It was SO FUNNY!!!!! – I love watching my boys experience and learn. They are so innocent, so curious. It’s just amazing.

Benjamin is extremely busy all the time. He is always on the go. He loves to climb, play with balls and read books. He still carries over his favourite books and nudges you with them to ask you to read to him. He will quite happily sit and read book after book for over half an hour. I’m amazed his attention span lasts as long as it does. Ethan also likes books, but gets bored after a few mins.

Both boys are starting to talk a little more. Ben babbles constantly all day. Ethan is quieter, but still babbles often. Today Ben was playing a game with Tracie and Tracie said to him “you’re so cheeky”. He loves to be told he’s cheeky, he thinks it’s very funny. Today he said “cheeky” back to her. So she said “cheeky boy” and he said “cheeky” and this went on and on. He must have said “cheeky” about 10 times. I’m sure both boys say a lot more than we realise. The sometimes get quite frustrated when they are trying to tell us something and we don't understand. I’m looking forward to when they can communicate better.

Ok, time for some pics.

Most of these pics are of Ethan at the park, as Ben is much too busy at the park to stop and get his picture taken. He just walks around non-stop.

Ethan (standing) & Ben (examining the ground)tn_P8130492




Ethan (behind the fort) and Ben (trying to figure out how to go up the ladder)tn_P8130486

Ethantn_P8130487 Ben. He walked up the the net, then got down on his hands and feet, crawled under like that (not on his knees), then stood up again on the other side and walked away. tn_P8130488 

Ethan tn_P8130490

Ethan and Ben playing peek-a-bootn_P8130491

Below is a video of the boys playing with a little ball at the park. They thought it was great fun when the ball went down the slide!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

All better and back to work. – 15months old

I’m thrilled to say we’re all getting so much better! Tracie and the boys are almost better from their nasty cold/flu thing. They’ve all still got a few lingering symptoms (cough, runny nose) but seem to be feeling so much better!

Last week Tracie went back to work for the first time since about 6 weeks before the boys were born. For those that don’t know, she’s also a nurse, and will be working in the same hospital as Sal. Tracie is a theatre nurse, where as Sal works on the medical oncology ward. Sal has dropped her hours from 5days/week to 4days/week to allow Tracie to work on her days off. Tracie will work about 4-6 days a fortnight as a casual. We will work different days so we can each stay home and look after the boys while the other works. We’re not sure if this plan will work or if we’ll never see each other, but we’re going to give it a try!

The boys are also feeling much better and have gone back to “work”. Their days are very busy. They spend hours walking around the house, exploring, harassing the cats, reading books, playing with their toys, building block towers, looking out the window, and moving items (remote controls, phones, zinc cream etc) so mummy can’t find them later. They provide a running commentary most of the day and are learning new words all the time.

They (Benjamin in particular) LOVE to read books. They bring books to their mummies and nudge you with the book until you read it to them. They have several favourites, and can go find them when asked. Their comprehension has made HUGE leaps since they’ve gotten over their illness They can point to various objects when asked and follow several simple one-step verbal commands. They can also answer a variety of yes/no questions appropriately.

Some examples of things they understand:

They can point to the appropriate object when asked - Where’s the light? Where’s the TV? Where’s the remote control? Where’s the window? Where’s outside? Where’s the tree? Where’s the kitty? Where’s mum? Where’s Ethan? Where’s Benny? Where’s the ball? Where’s your belly/teeth/mouth/nose/hair/eyes/feet/legs? Where’s the green sheep book? (they can get about 5 of their favourite books if you start reciting the words) Where’s your xxxxxx (name any of their favourite toys and they’ll show you).

They can also follow simple one step verbal commands without gestures. For example if there’s a sock on the ground you could say “pick up the sock” and they will. We’re trying to teach them to then put it in with the other dirty clothes, but this command still requires you to point at the clothes basket for them to understand.

Other simple commands they understand include: Stand up/sit down.(and they will) Go get another book. (and they will)Ride your bike. (and ben will get on his bike and ride it around the room) Pow pow pow (and they will hit something like the table to make a good noise) shake shake (and they’ll shake the object they are holding to hear the noise it makes) Stomp stomp stomp (they stomp their feet) clap clap clap (they clap!) Wave bye bye (and they sometimes wave their hands) and many more….

Ethan’s new favourite word is ‘yes’. Which sounds like “yeah” or “dare” which he says while nodding his head once. He will also shake his head for ‘no’, but doesn’t say ‘no’ yet. He will answer simple yes/no questions, mostly in relation to what he would like to eat, or what he’d like to do. Most of the time, the answer is yes!

Ben also shakes his head for ‘no’ and manages to communicate ‘yes’ by whinging. Both boys are very good at letting us know what they want, most of the time! They often point at what they want and we have to offer various objects in the direction of their pointing until we get it right. They have many likes and dislikes and are defiantly individuals.

Ethan’s words that he uses consistently and appropriately at 15months– yeah(yes); dare(yes – if said while nodding); dare(there – if said while pointing); ki-ey(kitty); ba(bottle and many other things that we’ve yet to decipher and that change depending on his mood) mum(applies to both of us at the moment)

Ben’s words that he uses consistently and appropriately at 15months– ki-ey(kitty); wiggle(in relation to the kids show ‘the wiggles’); mum(in relation to both of us). Ben chats/babbles all day (more than Ethan) and i’m sure there are many other words he says that we haven’t deciphered yet. He will also says “nan nan nan” (nana) and “eeeee” (Ethan) if we ask him to.

Both boys are great sleepers. If they are healthy, they go to sleep at about 6:30pm without crying/whinging (sometimes they'll 'talk' for a few mins) and sleep 12-14 hours without waking. They wake around 7:30-8am at the moment. In the last 2 weeks they've been extra tired from their illness they were waking at 8:30-9:30am. Today we were back to 7:45am. They nap once a day for about 2-3 hours after lunch (12-2:30ish).

The boys diet is slowly growing in variety. They still have many restrictions, but each week we introduce new foods. Ethan eats more than Ben, sometimes twice/three times as much as his little brother. They like weetbix, porridge, rice bubbles, toast and yoghurt for breakfast. Mid morning snack is often some crackers or fruit (blueberries are by far the favourite). They'll eat bread, veges and meat for lunch, and similar for dinner. They love chicken and will also eat beef, veal, lamb and pork. We often make meat into rissoles with some veges as they are softer and easier to freeze and reheat. Veges are a staple in their diet. Ethan is a champ and veges and gobbles them up. Ben is a little more picky and will eat them if he's in the mood, otherwise he prefers to squish them into his tray or throw them on the floor, or give them to Ethan. They can eat potato, choko, swede, carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin, peas, corn, zucchini and parsnip. They also love cheese, milk, custard and a variety of fruit for desert. Benjamin's latest favourite food was pumpkin risotto that Sal made last week. He gobbled it up and then threw a HUGE tantrum when it was all gone and cried and cried and refused to eat anything else that night. Ethan loves risotto too, but managed to control himself and eat the rest of his dinner!

Both boys are still drinking formula from a bottle 3 times a day. We saw our allergy dietician when they were 12 months old and she has recommended them to continue formula until 18months to ensure adequate nutrition with their diet. Their diet is much more varied now than it was at 12 months, but we'll continue the formula until we see her in November. We need to try and get the boys off a bottle and drinking their formula from a cup - that'll be the next challenge now they are healthy again.

I know I haven't posted many pics of the boys lately - mostly due to their recent illness..... so here's some new pics.........


Benjamin eating a rice caketn_P7280405

Ethan (in the red top) and Benjamin (in the blue top) looking out the window. tn_P7280410

Benjamin - sitting in a box that's too small to sit in (silly boy) tn_P7300412

Going for a walk. Ben is helping Tracie push the pram. Ethan is lingering behind. tn_P8020414

On our way to the park. Ben is still helping to push. Ethan didn't want to walk, so he's in the pram now. tn_P8020417


Further down the street. Ben is still helping Tracie push. tn_P8020419

At the park. Ben playing with the swingtn_P8020420

Ethan playing with the ball. tn_P8020421

Ben at the park.tn_P8020422

Exploring the park.tn_P8020423



Ben in the house.tn_P8020428


Ethan climbing up the stairs, Ben walking around the side.tn_P8020431

Again in the house!!! tn_P8020434

Boys in the house - something interesting happening over there mum.tn_P8020435

Ethan and Sal playing 'peek-a-boo'.tn_P8020438

Ethan going down the stairs. He hasn't fallen - this was his technique to get down. He crawled down face first!! (silly boy) tn_P8020440

Ben and Sal playing on the slide.tn_P8020441

Ethan's turn on the slide.tn_P8020442

Ben on the swing.tn_P8020452

Ethan on the swing.tn_P8020454

 Ben and Sal.tn_P8020459

Ethan and Sal. tn_P8020467

Ethan and Sal - Ethan is telling his mummy a story.tn_P8020469

Ben, Ethan and Sal.tn_P8020470

Tracie and Ethan.tn_P8020474


Ethan and Ben exploring the ground over here now!tn_P8020477

Ethan and Ben exploring this toy now.tn_P8020480

We had a great fun at the park. The weather has been so nice lately - We're making the most of it, taking the boys outside to play.

We’re looking forward to the summer and consistently warmer weather!