Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jan 27th - Bye bye brother

Today Ben went to pre-school while Ethan had to stay at home with a swollen red and itchy eye. We thought it might be conjunctivitis.
Ethan cried when Ben got in the car, so Ben had to get out so Ethan could say goodbye again.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jan 26th – Australia Day

Today is Australia Day (similar to 4th July to my USA friends). We spent the day with Aunty Shell, Uncle Michael and Nanna. It was lovely that we all had the day off. Very unusual for us!

It rained in the morning and we hung out at home. We had a nice lunch and had fun at our home.

Later in the afternoon it cleared up enough for us to head to the beach. We took the boys for their first walk out on the rocky headland.

We climbed up on this massive rock, it’s about the height of the roof of a house.


View of the beach from the rock we were sitting on (above).tn_P1000732 

Rock platform of the headland that we walked out on.tn_P1000734 tn_P1000735 tn_P1000736

Crab in the seaweedtn_P1000737

Ethan and Aunty Shell looking in one of the many rock pools.tn_P1000739

Ben takes a looktn_P1000740 tn_P1000744 tn_P1000745

Uncle Michael takes a look with Bennytn_P1000746 tn_P1000749 tn_P1000750 tn_P1000752

Underwater photos inside the rockpooltn_P1000754 tn_P1000755

Boys and Nanna now in the rockpool. Checking out the sealife tn_P1000763 tn_P1000764

tn_P1000762tn_P1000766 tn_P1000767 tn_P1000768

After the beach we headed over the hill to the bay. We had an ice-cream and walked out on the wharf.tn_P1000771

And looked at the crabs running on the mud at low tide.tn_P1000772 tn_P1000774

We had a wonderful Australia Day.


It was an especially nice day for Nanna Shell and I. Nanna and her family used to own a house near this beach. When Shell and I were kids we would come here for weekends and school holidays. We swam at the beach, explored the rock pools, walked out on the rocky headlands and went over the hill to the bay for an ice-cream. All the things we did today with our boys are a reminder of what we used to do when we were kids. It was great fun!

Jan 25th – Coffee and Hyperactivity

Ben and Ethan usually wake up around 6-7am. They come into our bed and play with our iPhones until we wake up around 7:30-8ish. Today they woke early and fought over my phone because Tracie was at work and there was only one iPhone. I got kicked in the back half a dozen times before I gave in and got up earlier than I would prefer! When I get up they usually run down to the kitchen ahead of me. As I walked down the stairs and was daydreaming about my morning coffee and I heard a familiar sound of my coffee grinder. It took me a second to realise that hearing my grinder must mean my boys were on the bench playing with it!

I found them grinding and tamping like pro’s attempting to make me my morning coffee. They were so proud of their efforts, and with a little help from me, made a very nice coffee…tn_IMG_8424


Unrelated to my morning coffee, Ben and Ethan were extremely hyperactive and full of energy today. Unfortunately for me it was raining all day today. In fact our week of summer that we experienced in early January has disappeared and it’s been raining and/or overcast for the last 1-2 weeks. The 7day forecast is rain rain rain rain rain rain rain!

I made the boys an obstacle course in the house in an attempt to expel some energy.


Ethan crawling under the table.tn_IMG_8426

Jumping over the small couchestn_IMG_8428 

Over the blockstn_IMG_8434


Ben going under the tabletn_IMG_8436

Ben jumping off the tabletn_IMG_8437

Ethan crawling under the tabletn_IMG_8439

Ethan’s jumptn_IMG_8440

Ben runningtn_IMG_8444 

And their favourite part, jumping into the balls on the 2 couches pushed together.tn_IMG_8441  tn_IMG_8445 tn_IMG_8448

It worked! They did get out some energy!

Jan 24th – Planking?!?!?!

 IMG_3535  IMG_3537

Jan 23rd - The count down is on!

January 23rd marks exactly 3 months until we leave for USA!

It's also exactly 13 weeks until we leave!!!

We have booked and paid for all flights (months ago)

We have paid for our travel insurance

We have ordered a travel money card and waiting for delivery...

Once we get the card we will start booking cars and hotels etc.

We are getting excited....

22nd Jan – Birthday Celebrations

We went to Nanna’s house to celebrate Nanna’s birthday.   Aunty Shell, Uncle Michael, Tracie and I made lunch….tn_IMG_8328 tn_IMG_8330

With a little help from boys…tn_IMG_8327

But mostly the boys played on Sal’s old skateboard that they found in Nanna’s garage.tn_IMG_8338   tn_IMG_8358 tn_IMG_8368 tn_IMG_8370 tn_IMG_8371 tn_IMG_8376 tn_IMG_8380

Then they started flying on it!tn_IMG_8386 tn_IMG_8391 tn_IMG_8398 tn_IMG_8404 And Uncle Michael had a turn tootn_IMG_8325

And Nanna’s puppies watched from the window.tn_IMG_8355

Aunty Shell made a cake, and bought some lollies (candy) to decorate it. As planned, she let the boys decorate it in their own “abstract” way! It was a free-for-all decoration style that looked just perfect!

Ben was very proud of the cake he made.tn_IMG_8407 tn_IMG_8408 tn_IMG_8411 tn_IMG_8412 tn_IMG_8415

Happy Birthday Nanna!