Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Update on Ben's surgery

We took Ben for a 6month checkup after his operation to remove his adenoids and insert grommets.

He's doing great. Both grommets are still there but the left is blocked by ear drum growing over and almost out. This is the natural progression to it falling out. The right is still working.

Ben has had an excellent result from the surgery.
He no longer dribbles or snores!!!
He is hearing better and his speech has improved so much we are now more concerned about Ethan's speech!! We are thrilled with these results, as its always a worry as a parent to put your child through an operation. It's great to see proof that it was the right thing to do.

Ben still has to wear ear plugs to swim, shower, bath or any time his ears might get wet. He is very good and cooperates well with his earplugs.

We go back to the surgeon in 3 months for another checkup

Summer parks

Summer is over :(
But the weather is still warm.

Here's a few pics of the water park from today and another park from last week.

Love cards

Last Sunday I (Sal) came home from work to a roast dinner and some love cards from the boys.

Here's the inside of my 2 cards :)

Too many questions!

While we are driving, Ethan sits quietly and looks out the window. It's quite normal for him to go the whole trip without speaking more than 1-2 times.

Meanwhile Ben talks constantly!
He asks questions in a non-stop string of speech.
Today it's something like this

Why are those (school zone) signs flashing?
Why do they only flash when the kids are there?
Why do we have to drive slower?
Why do speed limit signs have red circles around them?
What happens if we drive too slow?
What happens if we drive too fast?
What was that noise (motor bike engine)?
How can you hear the noise of the engine if it's inside the bike?
Why do cars make that bang (backfire) noise?
Why do the engines get broken?

And it can go on like this for ages!!!

Other days we can get questions about different topics.

Too many questions!