Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Swimming lessons

I think I have recently blogged about swimming lessons, but since changing to the new swimming centre before Christmas, swimming lessons have gone from a dreaded Monday activity to my favourite day of the week. The boys have made such progress in the last 2 months, and their teacher is just amazing. We couldn't be happier!
There's an old saying "a picture speaks a thousand words" I wonder then, does a video speak a million words??
Now before you watch these, I know they are no where near actually swimming yet, but they used to cry before every lesson, not want to go in the water without us, not want to put their face under the water and not want to jump in. You will see below the difference. You'll also notice Ethan is hesitant to jump to the instructor.... Well, the moment you see, is the first time he jumped off the ledge and attempted to swim by him self. Previously, he would need to hold her hand to jump in. HUGE improvement!!

The lessons follows a similar structure each week..... a little something like this..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Messy House

I received a comment from one of my loyal blog readers last week, asking how found the time to paint...
Well, Jody.... My house is an absolute mess, and the weeds in the grass are so long we were playing a game of spot the bird in the grass last week! The photo doesn't do it justice, those weeds really are a foot high!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sauce shapes

The other night, I (sal) made the boys some dinner, just like normal.... This time I thought I'd make it a bit interesting and put the tomato sauce (ketchup) on the plate in front of them. (for some reason they like seeing it come out of the bottle)
So, I started with Ethan and asked him what shape sauce he would like. I expected him to say star or square or circle or something - well, you can imagine my surprise when he asked for elephant shaped sauce!!! I though this was hilarious, so here is my attempt at elephant shaped sauce (sorry i can't make it the right way)

Ethan seemed very happy with his elephant sauce, So then I go to Ben. I think by this stage he has thought about what shape he'd like, because when I asked, he said he wanted a camel!!!
I have no idea where camel came from.... But I tried to oblige and make him a camel...
(sorry again it's the wrong way)
Unfortunately Ben stuck his food right into the camel before I could snap my picture, so its first hump is a little smeared.

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Different playgroup

Twice a month, I (Sal) take the boys to the local multiple birth club morning tea (Aka playgroup). While I sit and chat with the other mums, the boys play. It's a great morning out. I think I have mentioned before that I am the treasurer for our local multiples club, and I have enjoyed this job and meeting some new friends.
Well, the other day I took the boys to another multiples playgroup. It's run by a different club (adjoining area) but essentially under the same banner. The boys had a great morning playing with some different toys, and have now labeled this "different playgroup"
Different playgroup is extra specially fun as it had a ride on digger..... Heaven for my little boys!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Broken laptop

Well, the laptop computer finally died. It really was only a matter of time, with the abuse it got from the boys!! Unfortunately this means my ability to upload posts and photos from there is gone. I will have to get the desktop happening, but in the mean time, my poor readers, you will have to survive with posts and pictures from my iPhone.

Life around our house continues to be busy, we are still painting our bedrooms and bathrooms. It is a very slow process, and we are beginning to lose momentum in the project..... I hope we get it finished soon.

The weather has been awful this last week. We had 7 days in a row with temps well above 30c, and two of them got above 40c (that's about 90-106 F for my American readers) thankfully a cool change blew in, and we have been more relaxed in the high 20's for this week.( 75-80F)

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Breakfast and naps

This morning the boys came into wake me(Sal) up just after 7am. Tracie was already at work.
They woke me up, then made their way down stairs and attempted to get them self some breakfast!

They managed to get the cereal out of the cupboard, and three bowls (one each and one for me)
Ethan poured him self some cereal (pictured above) and Ben had the milk out ready to pour. Luckily for me, he picked up a milk that wasn't yet opened, and couldn't manage to get it open with the tamper proof seal.
They were both so proud of their efforts!
My babies are growing up!!!

After breakfast we got ready and headed out to our twin play group. We had a great morning, the kids (10 in total) all played beautifully together. It was hot, so we offered water play too, which they loved.
Once home, the boys and I had a swim in our little pool. It was the perfect temperature, and heaps of fun.

Now it is rest time on the couch. Naps are almost a thing of the past, but after a busy morning, Ben fell asleep on the couch.
E is awake, watching TV and resting.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Potty training update

Well, the wheels fell off the wagon a bit with potty training lately.
The boys got a bit sick, so regressed a bit..we have also been quite distracted with painting our house, so have not been as persistent with reminding them to go potty.

They became quite good at going to the potty if they didn't wear underpants, but as soon as they got pants or underpants on, they continually wet and pooped them selves. It went from 90% success naked, to about 10% success clothed, on the same day!

This week we have started again... With underpants ALL THE TIME!
We have renewed enthusiasm, new sticker charts, new potties, new underwear and no more pullups!

Sal took the boys shopping and let them choose their own potty. Unfortunately there wasn't much choice, but they seem very happy with their new potties. Another reason for new potties was that the existing potty stank of stale urine..... Defiantly time for a change! Yuk!

We bought new underpants in bigger sizes, as they seem to shrink in the dryer, and become too tight for the boys to pull up and down. We are hoping this will give them more independence.

We have also given up the pullups (disposable training pants) as we feel they were sending too many mixed messages. We only used them for outings and naps, but no more!
We are prepared to deal with more mess this way, but hope it leads to more longer term success.

Let's hope round two leads to success!

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