Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Santa came!

This is what our house looked like after Santa visited

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas lights

A few days ago we kept the boys up late and went for a drive to see some Christmas lights. Ben and Ethan usually go to bed at 7-7:30pm. At this time of year sunset is 8pm, and it doesn't get dark till 8:30! We left home around 8pm, and stayed out till around 9:30. Ethan almost fell asleep in the car he was so tired when we got home.
We saw some incredible lights!

Two of these pics are amazing houses. The other two are our house. A simple Christmas tree and a Santa.

Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve and we are all so excited for Christmas in this house! Today has been a busy day getting ready for Christmas.


This morning Ben helped clean out the fire place. We do this every Christmas so Santa doesn’t get too dirty.


Grandma and the boys did some dancing to Christmas musictn_IMG_0116

After lunch, Mummy, Ben and Ethan made chocolate chip cookies for Santa (also a Christmas Eve tradition in our house)tn_IMG_0127tn_IMG_0129tn_IMG_0131tn_IMG_0133tn_IMG_0140

Yum!! We tested them (fresh from the oven) and they were very tasty.tn_IMG_0142

We put the cookies and milk on the fireplace for Santa.tn_IMG_0148tn_IMG_0149


And some carrot and water for the reindeer.tn_IMG_0143

We put some presents under the tree. Some of these presents are from Uncle Graham (Tracie’s brother who lives in America), some from us to other family members and Ben and Ethan bought each other a present, so they put those presents under the tree too.


We are all ready for Santa!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Ben and Ethan have been going to karate lessons for about 4-5 weeks. They really enjoy their lessons. This week was graduation and they got their white/green belts. Here are a few pictures from karate class.

At the start of the class the kids earn their red stripe if they complete the task from the week before. This week they had to do a nice thing for someone every day. Ethan got his stripe first. He was especially nice to his Mumma this week, and gave her a back massage for her sore back, without being asked. He just came to her and started.


Ben got his stripe for being helpful in our Christmas preparations.tn_IMG_0043tn_IMG_0044tn_IMG_0045

Ben kneeing the padtn_IMG_0051

Ben volunteered to demonstrate the next move to the class. (video below)tn_IMG_0056

Ethan practicing self defence. Ben waiting in line for his turntn_IMG_0059

“Basics” – Left hand touches right ear, then they extend their arm and point forward, then back to the ear again. (then swap hands to the other ear) It was difficult for both boys to master this move in the beginning. They kept wanting to touch the left hand to the left ear. Apparently this is normal for kids to struggle crossing their meridian. tn_IMG_0065tn_IMG_0066

Ben getting his white/green belt.tn_IMG_0071

Ethan getting his white/green belttn_IMG_0079tn_IMG_0082

At the end of the lesson they say the ‘kids karate promise’. Sensei Liz says a few words, then the kids repeat after her…

“I promise never to use karate to show off, hurt or scare others,

I will always show self control and respect,

I will only use my skills to defend myself and to improve my life,

I’m on a quest to do my best.”tn_IMG_0083

Santa pic


Last week we got back from our 6 night camping adventure. We had a fantastic time. We slept in our tent and had a powered ensuite site. It was very handy to have our own toilet and shower.

During our week we: went swimming, bike riding, fishing, boating, played in playgrounds, jumped on the jumping pillow, played mini golf, did 10pin bowling, had a steam train ride, mini train ride, horse and cart ride, ate freshly picked berries from a berry farm, went to the lighthouse relaxed and had fun.

Below are some pictured from our week


Our campsitetn_IMG_9953


Ben’s bedtn_P1020157

Ethan’s bedtn_P1020158


Kookaburra -  there were lots of them around camp


and ducks, which Ben enjoyed feedingtn_IMG_9967


Ethan playing at the playgrounds in the camp areatn_IMG_9864

And Bentn_IMG_9866tn_IMG_9867


Ben on the jumping pillowtn_IMG_9884tn_IMG_9906



At the other parktn_IMG_9923tn_IMG_9925tn_IMG_9926tn_IMG_9928tn_IMG_9931tn_IMG_9936tn_IMG_9946tn_IMG_9950

We even played a game of checkers. tn_IMG_9951tn_P1020104

And there was also an indoor play room. This campground was fantastic!tn_IMG_9919

We spend many hours in the pool!tn_P1020033tn_P1020036tn_P1020039tn_P1020044tn_P1020045tn_P1020046tn_P1020047tn_P1020049tn_P1020050tn_P1020051tn_P1020052tn_P1020056tn_P1020062tn_P1020067tn_P1020075tn_P1020076

One morning we hired (rented) a small boat and did some fishing on the river. It was the boys first time fishing. Ben LOVED it. Ethan got bored quickly and spent most of the 2 hours eating food from our bag! He later said that he did have fun though.tn_P1020111tn_P1020114Sal caught the first and only fish on the boattn_P1020115tn_P1020116tn_P1020119tn_P1020125

After our 2 hours on the boat, we had some leftover bait, so we fished off the wharf in the afternoon. We got far more bites on the wharf, and caught 3 more fish.tn_P1020126tn_P1020128tn_P1020131tn_P1020132


On our last day we visited Timber Town. It is an historical town with lots of old houses, school, blacksmith, wood turners, old fire station, old steam train and that sort of thing. The boys had never seen an historical town, and they really enjoyed it.


Our first sight was the old steam train. We got to take a ride, and it was great fun.tn_IMG_9979tn_IMG_9980tn_IMG_9982



Ethan LOVED the old water pump at the back of a house. He could have stayed there for hours and pumped that water!tn_IMG_9987

Old washing machinetn_IMG_9989

Ben checking out the chook shedtn_IMG_9992tn_IMG_9994

We saw a bullock train demonstration.tn_IMG_9997

The old fire stationtn_IMG_0001tn_IMG_0002tn_IMG_0005

Ben in gaoltn_IMG_0006

Ethan in gaoltn_IMG_0007tn_IMG_0011

Horse and cart ridetn_IMG_0012

Ringing the school belltn_IMG_0017tn_IMG_0019tn_IMG_0022tn_IMG_0028

Ice cream to finish the day. It was such a great day. tn_IMG_0034


We had a wonderful time on our camping trip. We can’t wait to go again!