Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Illness

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, our house has been the sick house for about a week.

Sal has had an asthmatic cough for about a month, and after much nagging from Tracie, will be going to the doctor about it tomorrow. She also spent the last 24-36 hours living on toast and feeling nauseated.

Ben got a high temp on Thursday evening with no other symptoms. Since then he has developed a nasty chesty rattly cough and today has a green runny nose. He is also going to the doctor tomorrow

Ethan is developing a similar cough, had high temperatures on the weekend and vomited everything he ate on Monday. He is eating ok today, but his cough is getting worse. He is also going to the doctor tomorrow.

Tracie has held up best of all. But today yesterday and today she feels like she’s getting the same bug :(

As I am writing this, Ben’s woken up early from his nap and is crying…. better go check him. Poor sick baby.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Australian Reptile Park

Last Friday the weather was beautiful so we made a spur of the moment decision to visit the local reptile park. We have been there once before, when the boys were only just 1yr old. The difference a year can make to their interest and understanding is amazing. They had a great time looking at all the animals. It’s only a small park, and we look forward to a trip to a bigger zoo in Sydney soon :)

 tn_IMG_1813 tn_IMG_1817 tn_IMG_1821

Ethan in the denim jacket, Ben in the blue jacket with hood on – looking at the dingos.tn_IMG_1826 tn_IMG_1827 tn_IMG_1828 tn_IMG_1831 tn_IMG_1834 tn_IMG_1835Ben, going over to say hello to the Kangaroo tn_IMG_1836 

We were quite amused at how this emu was sitting!tn_IMG_1867

Of course, after not too long, the boys spotted the park and had to have a look!

Take a close look at the pictures with Ethan…..that little tongue is making quite an appearance lately!!tn_IMG_1840 tn_IMG_1845 tn_IMG_1847 tn_IMG_1848 tn_IMG_1849 tn_IMG_1855 tn_IMG_1856 tn_IMG_1858 tn_IMG_1860 tn_IMG_1875tn_IMG_1864  tn_IMG_1871 

We had a great morning at the reptile park. We saw heaps more animals, but like a lot of reptiles, they were in little glass cages and didn’t photograph well.

Nana’s House

The boys LOVE going to Nana’s house. Nana (Sal’s Mother) lives about an hour drive away, and usually comes to visit us (rather than us lugging half the house to see her!). Every so often we make the trip to see Nana and when we do, the boys LOVE it!! They love Nana, her dogs and her piano. Here are a few pictures from our recent trip to Nana’s house.


The pictures below are the boys feeding Nana’s dogs. They got handfuls of dry dog food and emptied it out all over the patio, then Nana got out the dustpans and brooms and they helped clean it all up again. All GREAT fun for a 2yr old! – Ethan in red, Ben in blue/grey.

tn_IMG_1620 tn_IMG_1622 tn_IMG_1623  tn_IMG_1631 tn_IMG_1633 tn_IMG_1634 tn_IMG_1635 tn_IMG_1640 tn_IMG_1641 tn_IMG_1650 Another big hit at Nana’s house is a toy pram that used to belong to Sal’s sister when they were young. It lives in Nana’s spare room and the boys know where it is and go get it every time we visit.

tn_IMG_1624tn_IMG_1659  tn_IMG_1679

A few months ago (not long after they turned 2) we had a family party at Nana’s house (with all Sal’s Aunts/Uncles and cousins). As it was just after their birthday party and we had a new jumping castle we took it with us for all the kids to play on. Last week, the day before we went to Nana’s house, we told the boys we were going to Nana’s tomorrow. Ben’s immediate question was if we could take the jumping castle. He obviously associates it with Nana’s house! So we did!

The day had warmed up. Now Ethan’s in the green shirt and Ben’s in the red.tn_IMG_1691 tn_IMG_1693 tn_IMG_1695 tn_IMG_1712 tn_IMG_1724 tn_IMG_1734 

We had a great day at Nana’s house!

Playing at home

Two 2yr olds are a funny combination. In the picture below, they both thought it was funny to bash their heads together. It made a pretty loud clunk, but they both laughed, and did it about 5 times….. silly boys!tn_IMG_1546

Ethan and Mummy (Sal)tn_IMG_1551

The other day my friend came over to exercise with me, and Ben, Ethan Laini (4) and Jordan (8) amused them self playing in the back yard while we worked out. When we were done we found the chairs like this. The older girls had gone home, but the Ben and Ethan tell me that this is a bus. They are sitting on the chairs riding the bus!!tn_IMG_1558



Plants and Birds

I know this is supposed to be a blog about the boys, but I can’t help my self with my new camera. Here’s a few new plant/bird pictures!


 tn_IMG_1566 tn_IMG_1578 tn_IMG_1682 tn_IMG_1684 tn_IMG_1761 tn_IMG_1764