Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Fun at the Park…

The boys love going to the park. Benjamin is especially keen, and when ever we ask him what he’d like to do that day, his reply is “go park”.

Seems going to the park is when I’ve been getting out the camera recently. So here’s some more pictures of some fun at the park.

Ethan at the park. This was a new park for us, we only found it last week.tn_P6151837

Ethan had a wonderful time running around the park. Below is E, getting ready to run…tn_P6151838 

Running heretn_P6151842

Running theretn_P6151843

Running all over the parktn_P6151844  tn_P6151850 

and Ben did some running too!tn_P6151839

Ben on the grass hoppertn_P6151845

Ethan and Bentn_P6151847 

My attempt at getting a photo of both boys in the double slide. It is VERY tricky to get a photo of both boys at the same time, both looking and smiling at the camera. Two two year olds are not cooperative like that!tn_P6151852





Ethan, spotted the swings and wants to go check them out.tn_P6151840

Ethan and Ben, once again not posing nicely for my photo!tn_P6151857

Exploring the leaves and grassy field. tn_P6151859



We had a great day at the park.. . . . . . .

Notice what they are wearing?

Usually when we dress the boys, we will dress them both in similar types of clothes, but looking different. Eg, both in trackies (sweat pants), but different colours, or both in jeans. Maybe both in jackets, but different jackets and so on…

Well, on this day I deliberately dressed them differently. I put Ethan in jeans and a jacket, and Ben in trackies and a jumper (sweat pants and sweat shirt to my American friends). I did not really pay attention to the colours, as I thought I was dressing them differently. It wasn’t till we got to the park that I realised that both boys had blue pants and grey tops!! Silly Mummy can’t even dress them differently when she tries!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day at the park with Grandma

This weekend Grandma (Tracie’s Mum) came to stay. We had a nice morning on Saturday at the park.

On Sunday evening, Tracie and Sal went out to dinner (Aunty Shell’s hens night). This was our first night out without the boys. Grandma gave the boys dinner, bathed them and put them to bed. We are thrilled to say that Grandma did a great job, and the boys coped very well. She tells us that they were good boys, ate their dinner and went straight to sleep without any trouble. We are very excited, and plan to go out to dinner again soon :)

Pictures at the park….

Ethan, Grandma and Ben walking to the park. Love the smile on Ethan’s face. They know they are going to the park to feed the ducks. They LOVE feeding the ducks. They were so excited!! Ben was saying “need bread, get bread. The guckies (duckies), the guckies, the guckies!!

Before we even left the house, Ben got the bread scraps out of the freezer. We all got in the car (bread in the back) and Ben started to cry. He kept saying “guckie bread, guckie bread”. He was worried that we’d left the bread at home. As soon as we told him the bread was in the back, don’t worry, we have it… he was ok and stopped crying. He didn’t want us to forget it!tn_P6121773

Ben, Ethan and Mumma (Tracie) feeding the duckstn_P6121775

Grandma and Ethan feeding the ducks – trying to convince them to take the bread out of their hands… it didn’t work!tn_P6121778

Ethan and Ben, watching the duck and the water.tn_P6121782



Ben, Ethan and Grandma admiring the view   tn_P6121798 tn_P6121801 tn_P6121803 tn_P6121804 

Feeding the ducks (again)tn_P6121831tn_P6121821 tn_P6121825 tn_P6121828

Ethan, Mummy (Sal) and Bentn_P6121796

Ethan, Mumma (Tracie) and Bentn_P6121789

Ethan, Grandma and Bentn_P6121790

Playing at the park…..

Mummy and Ben – going up…tn_P6121805

… and going down. He loved the slide, and managed to climb up and slide down all by him self about 10 times.tn_P6121806

Grandma pushes Ben on the swing. Just after this picture was taken, Ben decided he’d had enough of the swing, and tried to jump off. Luckily he had a seatbelt on. He did manage to slip out a bit, but didn’t get hurt. Silly boy!tn_P6121810

and then Ethantn_P6121808

Mummy and Ethan – going up…. tn_P6121809 


… and down. Ethan also loved the slide. He is a little more wary of heights, and it was quite a high slide. He preferred Mummy to help him up. He still went about 10 times, and gained confidence with each time. It was great, as last time we went to this park a couple of months ago, Ethan was too scared to go down the slide at all. Well done E!!tn_P6121817

Ethan and Ben loved the spinning round a bout.tn_P6121818

We had a great morning at the park!

Winter is really starting to set in, as I’m sure you can see by our clothes. It was a beautiful sunny winter day, but a nice chill on the wind down by the water. We were nice and warm in all our layers. It was about 13-15 C that morning, but felt cooler with the wind. That’s high 50’s Fahrenheit for our American friends. We’re wimps I know, but the wind was quite cool…. and that’s only how cool our winter days get!!! (cooler at night) We’re not used to the snow!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

10 things I love about you. . .


1. I Love that you both give great cuddles and kisses

2. I Love that you both love each other and your mummies

3. I Love that you both like to run away and play chasings when it’s time to get a nappy (diaper) change

4. I Love that you both like getting a ‘ride’ (on mum’s back) to bed

5. I Love that you both think it’s very funny when Mummy roars at you

6. I Love that you both love our fire, and love to help light it at night

7. I Love that you both love chocolate

8. I Love that you both love playing with balls, from little ones that fit in your hand, to big ones that you can hardly pick up.

9. I Love that you both love helping in the kitchen, especially making cakes

10. I Love that you are both supposed to be sleeping now, but you’re both in bed talking and laughing together, you’re such good buddies.



1. I Love that you’re getting great at talking now, you can say so many words and love to copy what Ben says.

2. I Love that you have recently learnt to say ‘Ben’ and you say it many times a day, it sounds like “Bin”

3. I Love that you love drawing on the blackboard. You draw lots of vertical lines next to each other.

4. I Love that you call both our cats “Zazy”, even though one is called Zazy and the other is called Melissa

5. I Love that you love reading books, especially ones with flaps to lift.

6. I Love that your favourite show is GO Diego GO

7. I Love that you’re learning about colours, and can now get red, green, blue, yellow, purple, black and white right about 95% of the time.

8. I Love that you still love your Elmo plane that Uncle Graham sent you from USA. You ride it every day.

9. I Love that you do not like to have blankets over you at night, and if we tuck you in, you kick them off. We dress you warmly in a “superman” suit (all in one sleeping suit) to ensure you stay warm on these cold nights.

10. I Love that you love your Aunty Shell, and since she came to visit 3 days ago, you’ve been asking for her several times a day. You cried for her in the evening of the day she visited.


1. I Love that you’re a little chatterbox, and now you’re starting to talk in sentences. This morning you said “I hear garbage truck” and ran to the window to watch it collect our rubbish.

2. I Love that you LOVE putting things in the bin, and say “put bin, put bin” when you want to throw something away.

3. I Love that you love your dummy (pacifier) it brings you such comfort and you always ask for it if you get hurt and you’re crying.

4. I love that you counted your toys the other day and said “two, three, eight, ten, purple”

5. I Love that you love wooden puzzles, and you’re getting very good at them

6. I Love that your favourite show is Rory the Racing Car.

7. I Love that you’re becoming VERY independent, and sometimes get mad if we try to help you. Especially getting into the car.

8. I Love that you love to pour milk/water into your cup

9. I Love that every time I ask you how the fire is looking, you say “gone out, try again” regardless of whether it has gone out, or it is burning strong.

10. I Love that you ALWAYS ask for “bickies” for breakfast (wheat-bix) and always want “fish” for dinner (crumbed fish or chicken), but you will eat other things if we put them in front of you.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More videos

A video of the boys playing in the bath…

Below is a video of Ben (and a bit of Ethan) watching a digidoc (digital documentary) on a rainbow family. It talks about how great it is to have two mums and how all families are different etc. Ben LOVES it and wants to watch it “again again”

To watch the original digidoc, click here

Our video below..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bath Time

It’s been a while since we’ve posted any bath time pictures. So here’s a few….

Getting ready, waiting for the bath to fill up.

Ethan and Ben – see how they’ve both got necklaces now? Ethan’s had one for months, and Ben didn’t really care. Recently, Ben wanted one, so Tracie gave hers to him. It’s a bit big, but he likes it.tn_P6021688

Ethan and Bentn_P6021689

Ben, pouring water on Ethan’s back.tn_P6021696


Ben and Ethantn_P6021702

Ben and Ethantn_P6021704

Ethan (being silly) and Bentn_P6021711

Ethan, pointing to Ben’s spiky hair.tn_P6021717 

Ethan and Ben – splashing the watertn_P6021724

Ethan and Ben – I like this shot, as you can see the difference in their hair colour. Ben’s hair looks quite orange when wet.tn_P6021727



Ben and Ethantn_P6021738