Saturday, January 30, 2010

Throat infection

Following on from my last post, poor Ben is still sick. He spent most of yesterday with a temp and being totally miserable. Thankfully he slept his usual 12 hours last night.

This morning he woke up with yet another temp of 39.6 (103.2F), so off to the doctor we went. The doctor looked in his ears and throat, and tells us he has a very inflamed throat. He’s given him a prescription for some Amoxicillin anti-biotics. No wonder our poor boy has been off his food, his throat is probably very painful.

We’ve been keeping up the regular Panadol and Nurofen today and so far the temps have been lower. He’s still miserable and melodramatic and tired, but we’re hoping these antibiotics will help him get better soon.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Poor sick Benjamin

I think I jinxed my self with that letter. I mentioned that I can’t remember the last time Ben woke at night, and what a good sleeper he is. Well, last night was a TOTALLY different story. And here it is…..

Yesterday (Thursday) morning Ben woke with a temp of 38.2C (100.7F), now that’s too bad. We gave him some Panadol and went about our day. He seemed ok. No other symptoms of why he should have a temp. As the Panadol wore off around lunch time, the temp came back. Still about 38.2C. More Panadol and off to bed. I should mention at this point that he wasn’t eating as well as normal. When I went to put him in his bed, I lifted the covers to find dried vomit on the sheets. Must have been from this morning. He didn’t have any on his face or clothes when he woke. Weird!

Anyway, he woke early from his nap with a temp again, 38.5 this time. He had some Nurofen (as Panadol wasn’t due again yet). That worked for a little while, and we had a quite afternoon watching TV as he still didn’t feel well. Dinner time he barely ate a thing, and his temp was coming back. He had Panadol an hour before bed, but still went to bed with a temp of 39.0 (102.2) at 7pm.

12:30am - he woke screaming and inconsolable for about 15 mins. Temp 39.8C (103.6). Panadol given. Small drink and back to bed by 1am.

1:30am – woke again, screaming. Inconsolable for what felt like ages. Finally managed to calm him by letting him watch the Wiggles on Mumma’s iPod. Temp still well above 39. Nurofen given. Wouldn’t drink water. Wouldn’t drink a bottle. Tried to put him back to bed. He cried and cried. Bought him to our bed, where he slept for about 30 mins and tossed and turned.

2:30am – woke screaming in our bed. Drenched in cold sweat. Temp now 38.8. Again inconsolable for a while. Only stopped crying when I asked him if he wanted to go back to his own bed. He liked that idea. Slept for an hour.

3:30am – woke screaming again. Tracie and Sal hadn’t slept since 12:30 by this point. Sal asked Tracie to get him, as she had to work that day. Tracie attempted to console Ben in the room, but Ethan woke, so she took Ben to the living room. They sat and watched the Wiggles. Ben fell asleep in Tracie’s arms.

5:30am – Ben woke screaming. Sal got up. Ben’s temp normal. Tracie said he’d been farting a lot. Panadol given (maybe belly pain?). Ben went back to sleep in Tracie’s arms. He refused to go to his cot.

7am – Sal and Ethan got up. Ben asleep in Tracie’s arms on the couch. Ben woke once he heard Ethan. Temp 37.2, but totally miserable from lack of sleep. Ben drank 150ml of water.

7:30am – Tracie went to bed.

9:15am – Present time. Tracie is asleep. Boys are watching TV and Ben is being melodramatic about everything. Poor tired boy. Temp 37.8 last time I checked – creeping up again. Panadol due in 15mins. And we’ve run out of Nurofen!!

I hope this makes sense. I’m a little sleep deprived!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ethan – 20 (almost 21) months old

Several of my “blogger friends” who have children write letters to their kids describing their development and personality at the moment, so I thought I’d steal the idea. Here goes…

    Dear Ethan,

Today you are 1 year, 8 months, 3 weeks and 3 days old. You are a wonderful little boy. You are so handsome, and you know it! You are a very smart, funny, loving and easy going child. You are very curious about the world around you and you love to see, learn and do new things. You love small objects, especially the stones that cover our courtyard and garden beds. You like to hold them in your hand and then drop them, enjoying the sound the make as they hit the ground. You’re fascinated by cause and effect type “experiments”.

You are very good at walking, running, climbing and you’ve recently started trying to jump. You bend your knees and spring upwards. Occasionally one foot leaves the ground and you take a step forwards. You think this is very funny and you’re most proud of your efforts. You love walking up and down our stairs. You always walk them properly lately, hanging onto the banister or someone’s hand for support. You are capable of walking up or down smaller steps without any support at all.

You’ve recently started chatting a whole lot more. You love to babble in your own language, telling us stories of things you see and what has happened to you. You also babble to Ben, books, toys and your self. Your vocabulary is growing every day. You do not say as many words as your little brother, but your comprehension is excellent. Lately you’ve been using the following words:

Mum, mummy, mumma, Ben, Benny, Benjamin, nana, grandma, Aunty Linda, kitty, missa (our cat), car, again, ball, backpack

You point and use a lot of your self-invented sign language to communicate. You point at your empty plate if you’d like more food, or at a specific part of your plate that’s empty.  For example, if you’ve eaten all your rice and you want more you point at the spot where the rice used to be. If you’re not sitting at the table and you want to eat, you open your mouth and point inside! You also point in the direction you’d like to go, or you grab mummy/mumma by the hand and drag us where you want to go, often the fridge or pantry.

You are an excellent eater. Most of the time you clean your plate. You are quite neat at eating, and LOVE to feed your self. You often get cross at us if we try to help you. You shake your head and whinge, letting us know you’re capable of doing it your self. You prefer to eat with a fork and/or spoon, rather than your fingers as you don’t like to get your hands messy. You don't have too many specific favourite foods, but you really like tinned peaches and pears, chicken flavoured crackers, weetbix and chocolate milk.

You are a very clean child, and really really don’t like being dirty. You hate it when you get something on your hand, and you hold out your hand for us to clean it. You’re also a little hesitant about playing in the sandpit as you don't like the way the sand sticks to your skin. You don’t like it when you fall down in the dirt, as you get your hands dirty there too. We’ve been trying to teach you it’s ok to get your hands dirty, and how to wipe your hands together to dust them off, but so far without success.

Ethan, you also LOVE to clean around the house. You enjoy pinching a damp cloth from the sink and wiping it on random parts of the wall or floor. If you spill your drink, you run to the oven where we hang the tea-towels and grab one to clean up your mess. Often you will then sit down and intentionally spill your milk/water so you can clean it up! Interestingly, you HATE having your face wiped, you’d rather have a dirty face than let us clean it.

You also like to help around the house. You enjoy being given simple tasks to help in the kitchen or to clean up your toys. Your favourite chore is to help take out the garbage. You usually try to carry the recycling bin all by your self. Most of the time you can manage very well!

You love to count things. You say “un, nn, nn, nn, nn” (one, two, three, four, five) while pointing to each different object. You though it was very funny today at lunch time when mummy was counting to five using her fingers. You copied me and were very proud of your self.

You love to play with balls, cars and blocks. You enjoy putting all these things down your slide, as well as going down your self. Initially you were quite nervous about the slide, but now you go down all by your self again and again. You FAVOURITE toy is your Elmo plane that Uncle Graham sent you from USA. You ride it every day, and get cross at Ben if you see him on it. Unlike most other toys, we only have one Elmo plane, and you consider it to be yours! Thankfully Ben doesn’t mind most of the time. Your favourites game is when Mummy chases you then catches you and picks you up, and peek-a-boo.

You also love telephones lately. You hold them up to your ear and pretend to have conversations. You also press all the buttons and have been known to call emergency services, grandma, mummy and many wrong numbers! Your favourite TV show is Dora the explorer, you especially love her backpack, and the backpack song. You also like the Wiggles, but only watch it as much as you do because Ben likes them so much. You like more “adult” music too, and dance along to songs you like.

You are a great sleeper. You sleep 12 hours overnight, approx 7pm to 7am without waking unless you are sick. You love your dummy (pacifier), which you only get for sleep, and other special needs situations, like when you’re upset or hurt. You and your brother have about 10-15 dummies, but you have one particular favourite which you always smile and giggle at when you see it. You are good at giving your dummy back to mummy when you get up. You nap for about 2 hours after lunch. You LOVE your cot, and can only sleep in your cot, or in your car seat if you’re super tired. You will not allow us to rock you to sleep and you wont fall asleep anywhere else. You always take your blankie to bed with you. This blankie is a quilt that your nana made for you, and you love it. You also take a teddy or two to bed with you. You have a very stable and established bedtime routine that gives you lots of sleep cues. You have one bottle a day, right before bed, then you clean your teeth and go to bed. You fall asleep without crying at least 95% of the time.  You or your brother wake us in the morning by talking and laughing in your cots. You sleep in the same room as Ben, and you can see him from your cot. Your cot is next to a cabinet, which you think is wonderful as you can open the door and close it again. You often spend the first 10-15 mins playing with this cabinet before you fall asleep. You do not need as much sleep as Ben, and often shake your head when we ask if you’re ready for bed. Unfortunately for you, Ben is usually ready, so you have to go too. If you’re not too tired, you lie awake in your bed and talk and laugh to your self for up to an hour before you fall asleep. You’re quite happy in this time, so we don’t worry about you. We often laugh at your laughter and noises that come through the baby monitor! Before you fall asleep and when you wake up you usually make a humming type noise. It is a self settling noise you use to help get to sleep. The other day when mumma went to get you up from your nap she had to wake you as you’d been sleeping too long. You weren’t too happy about that. You shook your head and put it back down on the bed. You tried to ignore mumma as you didn’t want to get up yet!!!

You were born the bigger twin, and you still are. We haven’t weighed you in a couple of months, but you look taller and feel heavier in the last 1-2weeks. We think you’ve had a growth spurt. You’re still fairly skinny, and we have trouble buying pants that are tight enough around your waist. This summer you’ve been wearing size 0-1 shorts from the baby section and size 2 shirts from the baby section or size 1 shirts from the little boys section. You and your brother wear the same clothes. You also wear “toddler” (10-15kg) sized nappies during the day. If it’s going to be a cold night we put you in a larger nappy for the night, but on hot nights you wear the same sized nappy at night too. You have light brown or dark blonde hair, that continues to get lighter all the time. You’ve had about 3-4 haircuts, and your head has a full head of hair. You have beautiful dark brown eyes, just like your Mumma.

What else can I saw my Ethan. You are a lovely little child. I am so happy to have you in my life. You bring a smile to my face every single day. You are so smart, curious and happy all the time. You are very easy going and a complete joy to have around. We love you so much.

Love Mummy and Mumma

Benjamin – 20 (almost 21) months old

Several of my “blogger friends” who have children write letters to their kids describing their development and personality at the moment, so I thought I’d steal the idea. Here goes…

     Dear Benjamin,

Today you are 1 year, 8 months, 3 weeks and 3 days old. You are a fantastic, loving, cute, cheeky, temperamental, stubborn TODDLER! You are most defiantly a toddler in every sense of the word. You are extremely curious about the world around you. You love to examine and manipulate every new object that you see, to discover what it is and how it works. This can get a little irritating for your poor mummies, but we must step back and remind our selves that you are only doing what you are supposed to do, how will you ever learn that moisturising cream doesn’t taste nice if you don't taste it….. to you, it smells nice, so it should taste good too!

You are very good at walking, running and climbing. You are very clever at going up and down the stairs. If you do it alone, you crawl up, and scoot down on your bottom. You prefer us to help you by holding your hand while you walk up and down. If you want us to help walk down and we don’t notice, or can’t help you (usually because we have something else in our hands, or we’re helping Ethan) then you often have a melt down at the top of the stairs, and cry and cry until we come and carry you.

Your vocabulary is growing in leaps and bounds. I’ve lost track of how many words you can say. You say new words every day. You are like a parrot, you try to say so many words when your mummies ask you to. Below is a list of words you’ve used on more than two occasions, and used appropriately – well, the ones I can think of at the moment!.

Mummy, mumma, Eeee (Ethan), bubby, please, ta, kitty, puppy, doggy, birdy, ducky, raaa (when asked what noise a tiger or lion makes) e e e e (when asked what noise a monkey makes, or when you see a monkey), zazy (our cat), missa (our cat), bath, spa, tree, sky, water (only related to water in water features/fountains – not drinking water!), cookie (related to cookie monster), elmo, ernie, dorothy (the dinosaur from the wiggles) dora (the explorer), plane, car (for cars, busses, trucks, earth moving equipment, boats and several things relating to the wiggles, because of the wiggles big red car), wiggles, anthony (blue wiggle), murry (red wiggle), guitar, ball, kick, throw, star, blue, green, two, three, four, go, yes, no, daddy, nana, cassie (nana’s dog), grandma, uh-oh, weeeeee, cool, here you go, beep beep beep (when riding his bike backwards), garage, key, teddy, shoe, knees, toes, coke, coffee. . .

Wow, that’s 60 words my Benjamin, and that’s only the ones I can actually think of at the moment. I’m sure there are many more. Most of these words you will say without prompting. There are many many more words that you say when prompted (eg “say table” and you’ll parrot and say “table”). You are so clever, you’re adding new words all the time. Just this week you’ve put two words together you said  “throw ball” as you walked around the house playing one of your favourite games, picking up and throwing a ball, then chasing after it and repeating. You can amuse your self for ages throwing and kicking balls. You LOVE to throw things at the moment, and watch them fall. You prefer to throw light things, like paper as it falls slower, and in different floating type motions.

You love our cats. If see either of them you point, say “kitty” and rush over to see them. Unfortunately for you, then don’t quite feel the same way about you, and usually run away! You don’t seem to mind, you just chase after them until they run out of your reach. We have a gate that blocks off the stairs down to the laundry, study and garage. The cats escape down there and you always seek them out whenever we leave the gate open.

Ben, you also love to ride your bike and play on your slide. You climb up, sit down and say “two three go” before you slide down. I’m not sure why you don’t say “one” but perhaps it’s because we often start you off by saying “one” ourselves. .

You love to be outside. We have built you and sandpit and you love playing in it. You love to walk around when we are at the shops, and you protest VERY LOUDLY if we try to restrain you in the pram or in a trolley (a cart to our American friends). We have been torn between allowing you to walk and enjoy your independence, and our need to keep you safe. We have recently bought you a teddy-backpack-harness. We’ve only tried it once, but it was quite successful. You loved being able to walk around, and didn’t mind the restraint. For the most part, you kept close to us anyway, so you barely noticed it was on.

You love anything and everything to do with The Wiggles. You like their music, and often ask us to put some music on, by pointing to the iPod dock in the kitchen, or the CD holder on the sun visor in the car.  You also like their TV show, and dancing along with the actions. Your favourite songs are “rock-a-bye your bear”, “move your arms like henry”, “toot-toot chugga-chugga big red car” & “do the monkey”. You often attempt the actions to these songs, and you’re getting quite good. You also love the few Wiggles books you own, and get them off the book case and bring them to your mummy/mumma and nudge her with it until it gets read to you.

You’ve been very needy over the last week. You’ve been crying over the littlest things, you get frustrated all the time, and you always want to be held. We think you might be getting your 2 year molars. You’ve been dribbling a lot more than normal, and you’ve had your hand in your mouth a lot. Still no visible action in the gums, so we don't know for sure, but Panadol seems to help. so perhaps you are in pain. We bought you an amber teething necklace, as we’ve had a lot of success with Ethan’s, but it has not seemed to help. In fact your eczema has had a major flare up since you started wearing it 4 days ago, so we’ve taken it off to see if you’re allergic to it. We are also wondering if your reflux is playing up. We stopped giving you your antacids, as we ran out, and we weren’t even sure if it was working, but you’ve had the hiccoughs a lot lately, so perhaps it is reflux bothering you. I will buy you some more antacids tomorrow. . . .

You’re still a skinny little boy. We haven’t had you weighed in the last 2 months, you’re due for a check-up in 2 weeks. We hope you have gained some weight. Your hair is finally starting to grow on the top. You’ve had two haircuts to trim off your mullet that keeps growing at the back. Last time we also got the hairs on the top of your head trimmed to match the rest of your hair. Now that it’s all starting to grow evenly, it’s starting to look like you have more hair. Your hair is a strawberry blonde. In some lights it looks blonde, in other lights it looks quite red. Your eyes are a brilliant clear, bright blue.

About 1-2 weeks ago we bought you and Ethan a potty. We’re not ready to start toilet training you yet, but we want you to be familiar with the potty before we begin. You have sat on it about half a dozen times. You know what it is for, and have asked us if you can sit on it by walking over to it and trying to remove your pants and nappy. You’ve done two wees on your potty. Unfortunately we didn’t notice your first wee for about 5 mins, and by that time you’d forgotten what happened, or perhaps you didn’t notice. You looked a little confused when we were congratulating you. Today you did your second, and Mummy noticed right away. You were quite pleased with all the attention you were given.

You are getting better at eating. You aren’t as fussy as you used to be, and you’re better at eating your vegetables. You’re favourite dinner meal is chicken and pumpkin risotto that mummy makes. Your favourite fruit is blueberries and you always gobble up any chocolate or lollies we give you. You would love to have a sip of mummy’s coke or coffee, but so far you haven’t been allowed (much to your disgust!) You are allowed to have a baby-cino (frothed milk with chocolate powder on top) which you think is a coffee, as it comes in a cup like mummy’s. So far you have been satisfied with this compromise! You still have issues with your swallowing, and we will probably be taking you to the speech pathologist after our next check-up in two weeks. We are still taking you to the allergy clinic every 6 months about your egg allergy. It is slowly improving. You are also still somewhat sensitive to salicylates, and we have to watch your diet to keep it balanced. You break out in eczema if you’ve had too many salicylates.

You are a great sleeper. You sleep 12 hours overnight, approx 7pm to 7am without waking unless you are sick. I can’t even remember the last time you woke us in the middle of the night, must be at least 6 months ago. You love your dummy (pacifier), which you only get for sleep, and other special needs situations, like when you’re upset or hurt. You are good at giving your dummy back to mummy when you get up. You nap for about 2 hours after lunch. You LOVE your cot, and can only sleep in your cot, or in your car seat if you’re super tired. You will not allow us to rock you to sleep and you wont fall asleep anywhere else. If you are tired, you sometimes lie down on the floor or couch in the living room. Other times you just whinge! You always take your blankie to bed with you. This blankie is a quilt that your nana made for you, and you love it. You also take a teddy or two to bed with you. You have a very stable and established bedtime routine that gives you lots of sleep cues. You have one bottle a day, right before bed, then you clean your teeth and go to bed. You fall asleep without crying at least 95% of the time.  You or your brother wake us in the morning by talking and laughing in your cots. You sleep in the same room as Ethan, and you can see him from your cot. About 2 nights ago you said “nigh-nighs” to me, which is what I say to you every night. You’ve only said it once so far.

What else can I say Ben? You are a lovely little boy, and I am so proud to call you my son. You are so smart, and so funny. You enjoy being the comedian, and intentionally try to make others laugh by doing or saying silly things. You are kind to your brother (as much as is to be expected for a toddler). You are very good at giving Ethan things when we ask you to. Lastly, We’ve been dying to hear you say “I love you mummy”. We’ve simplified it to “love you” which we’ve been saying to you recently. We’ve heard you “love you” a few times, and each time it melts our hearts. We’re looking forward to more fun times and fantastic conversations with you in the future.

Love Mummy and Mumma

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Playing together

Ben and Ethan are 20 months old. Developmentally, they are not expected to play together. Most of the time they do not play together. They play alone, they play with us, they play next to each other or they fight over toys, but they do not often play together. Apparently, toddlers don’t start playing with other toddlers until they are about 3yrs old.

Below is a video of them playing together. Ben is sitting in his Tonka dump truck and Ethan is walking around. They are playing with a very small stone. Ben is dropping it, and Ethan is picking it up and giving it back to him. This may not seem like much, but usually one boy would hold on to the treasured item and not give it away. It’s nice when they playing like this and sharing.



Hello to Lisa, who left a comment on my page yesterday. I am curious to know who you are… I am sorry I do not remember you. I have lost touch with the “i am” community as my computer seems to crash every time i try to load a page – I wish i knew why!

I am on facebook, but for privacy reasons, i don't want to publish those details on here. Can you please comment again and let me know who you are on facebook or your email address.

When a person makes a comment on this blog, I have the option to “publish” or “reject” a comment once I've read it. I promise I will not publish your personal details, i will “reject” it, and contact you privately..

Thanks :)

Messy Eating

When oh when will my little toddlers become cleaner at the table?

Every meal time they make a mess, and us poor mummies have to clean the table, chairs, floor, their hands, face, clothes and somehow even their feet sometimes!

Here’s a few pics of the table, chairs and floor after rice bubbles for breakfast…tn_P1210712 tn_P1210709 tn_P1210710 tn_P1210711


Another favourite at the moment is an ice cream cone for desert. We found some mini-cones at the shops, and they get a cone with a tea spoon of ice cream in it. They LOVE it, but it also make a big melted ice cream mess!

Ethan and his ice cream and water (before it melted and made too much mess!)tn_P1190703

Ben and his ice cream tn_P1190701


The boys love trucks.

Every Wednesday morning when the garbage truck arrives, they run to the window to watch.

Ben watches and says “car”…… Ben calls a lot of things “car” – cars, trucks, busses, planes, boats and many Wiggles related things (because he associates The Wiggles with their Big Red Car).

Ethan and Ben looking outside for the garbage truck.tn_P1200706

Ethan and Ben watching the steel being delivered by the big truck. We are getting our roof fixed on Saturday. tn_P1210721

The truck lifting the steel. Ben pointed and babbled about the truck the whole time.tn_P1210725

The steel being lowered onto the grass. Again, very interesting for the boys. tn_P1210726

Sleepy boys

I just love seeing my boys asleep. So cute!



Getting too tall!

I remember when the boys were really little we used to put all items we did not want them to touch up on the coffee table. As they got a little bigger, items moved toward the centre of the coffee table and up onto the couch. As they reached 9 months old, they got the ability to stand, and items moved toward the back of the couch cushions. As they got a little taller, items were moved onto the top/headrest part of the couch and onto the kitchen table. As they got older still, and gained the ability to climb, items we didn’t want them to have started to get put on top of the TV and the kitchen bench. . . . . . . .

Unfortunately our little toddlers are getting too tall. Ethan can now reach things on the bench and has been known to pinch several things off the bench. We have to be SUPER careful not to leave our knives, hot items or messy items too close to the edge of the bench. He can reach his little hand over and get anything within about 5-10cm (2-4inches) from the edge. He often likes to just reach his hand up there and feel around to see if he can find anything good!!!

Today I left the chocolate power that we sprinkle on our cappuccinos too close to the edge….


“Hmmmm, I see chocolate powder…”tn_P1210717

“Yes….. Got it!”tn_P1210718

”Mmmmmm, Yum mum”tn_P1210720

“See how high I can reach mum”tn_P1210713

”Yummy chocolate powder…” tn_P1210714

Chocolate powder after Ethan had sucked on it tn_P1210716

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random pictures playing inside

This plane, fully assembled was sent to the boys for their first birthday by their Uncle Graham who lives in Texas USA. Ethan LOVES his Elmo plane. He rides it every day. It belongs to both boys, but Ethan thinks it’s his. He whinges if Ben rides the plane, then the second Ben gets off, Ethan gets on it.tn_P1170688 

Ethan again on HIS Elmo plane!tn_P1150654

Ethan in his biketn_P1170672

Ethan deliberately crashing his bike on the fold out couch.tn_P1170666 

Ben in his bike tn_P1170673

Ben deliberately crashing his bike on the fold out couchtn_P1170675.

Ben – saying “cheese” to get his photo takentn_P1170669  


Ben with his tonka trucktn_P1170678

Ethan and Ben wrestlingtn_P1170681 

Ben, at the only drawer in the kitchen that isn’t locked. It contains their plastic cups, bowls and containers. They love to play in that drawer. If either boy wants a drink, they go to their drawer, get a cup and take it to the fridge and bang on the fridge to tell us they are thirsty! If they want a snack, they get a small plastic bowl and bang it on the pantry.tn_P1150649

Lunch time fun

Recently a friend of a friend (in blog world) wrote a post about her daughter’s lunch plan. She was making fun healthy lunches for her daughter who was eating up her whole lunch. We’ve had some trouble getting the boys to eat a good lunch, so we decided to try some of her ideas. Below is a lunch Tracie made for the boys this week using her ideas. The stars and moons are cookie cutter shapes of bread. Some with butter, some with melted cheese. They also have ham, blue berries and some fruit from a fruit cup. tn_P1180692The boys LOVE this new style of lunch, and gobble it all up. tn_P1180695 

We have several ideas of different things to put in the lunch. We are trying to make it varied and healthy.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Summer Fun

The boys have been having so much fun this summer. They LOVE being outside, and we enjoy taking them to various places to play in the fantastic summer weather.

Below are some pictures that friends have taken of us that I’ve pinched off their facebook profiles.


Ethan at the park20148_266530074017_660839017_4437757_4419125_n

Sal and Ben with friend Sarah and her son Ethan.20148_266511719017_660839017_4437697_240972_n 

Ben and Mummy (Sal) swimming in a friend’s pool17146_227797122665_589707665_3331230_1599139_n

Mumma (Tracie) and Ethan swimming in a friend’s pool.17146_227797132665_589707665_3331232_3473914_n

Ben and Mummy17146_227797137665_589707665_3331233_1535086_n 

Ben, paddling in Lake Macquarie20148_266511769017_660839017_4437699_3905933_n

Ethan and Sal on the edge of Lake Macquarie20148_266511784017_660839017_4437700_1108871_n

A group of friends we had a picnic with at a great park on Lake Macquarie. 20148_266511809017_660839017_4437701_3099771_n

itFamily Photo (at last!!) - Ethan, Mummy (Sal), Mumma (Tracie) and Ben – At the park on Lake Macquarie20148_266530029017_660839017_4437753_5776533_n

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A few videos….


Ethan cleaning his teeth. We found him in the bathroom cleaning his teeth after breakfast.


Boys playing Nana’s piano – I love how they look so proud of them selves.

Boys playing on their slide. Most of what they are saying is gibberish, but Ben does count “two, three” when he goes down the slide. He also says “cheese” as I bring the camera closer to him and he realises I have it.

Summer Fun

It’s now January 2010, and the boys are 20 months old. They are becoming so much fun lately. We are able to take them to different places and spend a day with family or friends, beyond nap time!! This new ability has really opened our world to new possibilities.

Below is Ben at Nana’s house (Sal’s Mum). We spent the day there last Sunday. We had a great time sitting in her back yard eating, playing and swimming in her pool.


Ethan on Nana’s swinging love seat.tn_P1020580

Ethan and Mummy (Sal). Ethan is pointing at the edge of the pool because he wants Mummy to put him on the edge so he can jump in – AGAIN!!! He must have jumped in the pool 20 times. His new favourite game!tn_P1020587

Ethan getting ready to jump in.tn_P1020585

Ethan and Mummy – about to jump. . . . .tn_P1020588

Ben and Ethan about to jump in. Mummy (Sal) and Nana ready to catch them.


Ben and Mummy. Ethan and Nanatn_P1020593

Ben jumping in the pool.


Ethan jumping in the pool


We had a great day at Nana’s house. Our poor tired boys crashed in the car on the one hour trip home. Below is Ben and Ethan having their bottle before bed. They still get one bottle per day, as the dietician recommended they still get nutrient rich formula, and they don't like to drink formula out of a cup. It is their only bottle a day, and they LOVE their bottles! tn_P1010573_________________________________________________________________________________


Tracie and Sal have both had some time off work in the Christmas/ New Year period. Unfortunately is has been raining on and off for a greater part of our time off. It has been great spending some time together, but we’ve had to play a lot indoors. Below is a few pictures playing inside.



Ethan and Ben – on new chairs they got for Christmastn_P1010550

Ben and Mummy (Sal)tn_P1010566