Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ben's robot

Ben drew a picture of a robot a few weeks ago at preschool. 
Previously he would draw people as a head with 2 legs. He stuck with that technique for a long time without adding much extra detail. We didn't encourage detail, as I was interested to see how he would develop it himself.

This is a picture of our family that he drew a few months ago.

Earlier this month he came home from
Preschool with a picture of a robot. Interestingly his robot has many more details than his people!
He also wrote his name in mirror image in the corner. He does this every so often, but usually writes his name the right was around.

It's fascinating to watch their drawing progress.

Ethan's self portrait

Ethan drew this self portrait at preschool last week. They say he studied himself in the mirror and was very careful to draw it as he saw himself. He also noted "I have flat hair" and drew his hair flat!

This drawing is a massive change from his art a few months ago. He's a bit of a perfectionist and would avoid art as he couldn't draw, therefore wouldn't try. It's great to see him trying :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ben's omelet

Today Ben requested an omelet for lunch. He wanted potato onion and cheese. He chose a very big potato, and onion!
It took 3 eggs to make it, and wa made on our large frying pan. It was so big it didn't fit on a dinner plate! So we served it on a platter. 
Ben was very happy about his lunch.

He must have been very hungry, as he ate most of it!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Plane toy.

Bens playing with his toy plane, flying it around the room in his hand

"We are coming into landing soon, please turn off your iPhones"

Funny boy!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Trophy winner!

Ben won the soccer trophy this week!
He is very happy about it and did a great job this week!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Soccer champ!

Ethan won the encouragement award this week at soccer. (Each kid in the team gets a turn to win the trophy each week)
Ethan was very happy to win this week

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ben and Ethan are 5yrs old!!!!

Happy birthday to Ben and Ethan!!! 5 years old!!
Where has the time gone?!

Their actual birthday (Friday 3rd May) was spent at preschool. They got up early and exchanged presents they had bought each other. Ethan bought Ben a snakes and ladders game and some Lego. Ben bought Ethan a fireman Sam fire extinguisher (that squirts water) and a book. We took them shopping separately to buy gifts for each other last week.
They spent the day at preschool and ate the cakes we made for them at preschool.

When they came home we gave them presents from us (as Sal had to work at 7am we didn't do it in the morning) and had a special dinner of their choice. Ethan chose hamburgers, Ben chose mashed potato and corn and meatballs. We had a mixture of that! Aunty Shell came over on Friday evening to celebrate with us and help with party prep for Saturdays party.

We gave Ben and Ethan a few small presents, including a t-shirt, pencil box, wii game and foosball (table top football). Their main present was a day at the zoo a few weeks ago.

On Saturday we had their party. They invited 9 friends from preschool, twin friends and swimming lessons. We had fantastic weather and a great party. We had the jumping castle, played pass the parcel, musical chairs and stick the balloon on the right spot (variation of pin the tail on the donkey).
We ate fruit kebabs, chips, popcorn, yoghurt, jelly, finger sandwiches (and wraps for adults) mini pizza, mini quiches, mini chicken sausage rolls and of course cake! We made most of the food ourselves and enjoyed a party with reasonably healthy food options :)
The boys had a wonderful time and received many wonderful presents. It was a massive amount of work for us, but fun was had by all :)

Ethan chose a banana flavoured Fireman Sam cake and Ben chose a chocolate Spider-Man cake. They were both happy with the end result. My lovely friend Caroline works as a cake decorator and printed the picture for Ethan's cake on edible fondant. Apart from that picture, the rest of the party was done with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives - something that we still try to achieve within our daily life :)