Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun at the park

The boys always love a trip to the park. We try to go every Wednesday morning with Leni, a friend we’ve made who has a 2yr old son named Cead (pronounced Cade). We always have a great time. Today Ben worked out how to climb the stairs and go down the slide all by him self. He must have gone down about 50 times. He was very proud of himself!!

Ben (red jacket) and Ethan (blue jacket)





Ethan and Ben standing on the slidetn_PA280245 

Ben climbing up the stairstn_PA280246 Ben about to go down the slidetn_PA280264



Ethan and Bentn_PA280262 


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our new house

As promised, here are the pictures of our new house since we’ve moved in. We’re not finished decorating yet. We still need to put up most of our pictures and buy some small furnishings and finishing touches.

Here’s most of the house. I took these while the boys were sleeping, so I don’t have a picture of their room yet.

Entry waytn_PA270230

Lounge Room with boys play area in the corner.tn_PA270225

Lounge roomtn_PA270226

Lounge room and play areatn_PA270227  

Kitchen, Dining and Living room.tn_PA270218

Living roomtn_PA270233

Living room tn_PA270228 

   Living and dining areatn_PA270222

Dining area and view of the gardentn_PA270223




Our roomtn_PA270209

Our roomtn_PA270212

Guest roomtn_PA270216 

Pictures of the boys room to come . . . . . . .   

Playing at the new house

Hello all. Sorry we haven’t updated in a few week. Moving house has made it a crazy few weeks!

We found the camera the other day, so I’m going to try and take some pics of the house while the boys are napping today.

In the mean time, here’s a couple of short videos of the boys playing in the living room. We propped the rubber mats up against the couch, and the boys had a great time climbing up and sliding down.

Here’s both boys. Notice when we count to three, Ben says three. Both boys are starting to learn some numbers. They say two, three and six!


Below is Ethan playing on the “slide”.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Been so busy lately

Sorry to all who read this blog. We have been so busy with packing and sorting and cleaning lately that I have not had a chance to update the blog.

We will be moving into our new house next week. We’ve managed to pack about half the house. We had a garage sale and sold about $200 worth of stuff we don’t want anymore. We were pretty happy with the results. We’re excited to be moving next week, but dreading all the processes that actually go along with moving. I’ll be happier in about 2 weeks when it’s all over!

It was very windy on the morning of the garage sale. This video is of Tracie and Ethan in the wind. Ethan had not experienced wind like that before. He thought it was funny.

The boys have been very helpful at packing (in their own way). They like to be the centre of attention. They climb in boxes, steal your tape, unpack boxes you’ve just packed. Whinge when you pack their toys. Like I said – very helpful!!

Life is good other than packing. The boys are growing well. We went to Nana’s for lunch a few weeks ago. Here’s some pictures of the boys playing at Nana’s (Sal’s Mum)

Ethan – later in the day, looking very tired

tn_P9130134 Ethan and Ben playing in a storage container with some water at the bottom. We put them in their swimming clothes, and they ignored the water, so we changed them back into their regular clothes and then they got in the water……… typical!tn_P9130129 tn_P9130130 tn_P9130131 tn_P9130132 Ben holding the ball. Ethan playing with the washing. Ethan had GREAT fun playing peek-a-boo using the blanket on the line!tn_P9130133

Meal times are becoming my most hated time of the day lately. Ethan is a great eater, and is not a problem. Benjamin on the other hand is driving everyone nuts. He is very fussy, and will only eat a decent meal if he’s given risotto! Risotto is his favourite food of all time. Most foods he squashes, then throws on the floor. We are struggling to deal with this behaviour. I don’t want to give him attention, so I try to ignore it, but then Ethan copies him (Monkey see, Monkey do!). I also don’t like to ignore him too much as I don’t want him to make too much mess, and I actually want him to eat some food. He’s still a skinny boy. Anyone with any ideas?!?!? Please tell me!

Below is a pic of both boys who decided it was a good idea to squash blue berries on their heads!


We’ve also decided it’s time to let the boys teach them selves to self-feed with a spoon. They (mostly Ethan) are getting good at self feeding off a plate with a fork, so it’s time for a spoon. Probably should have done this a while ago, but it’s such a messy procedure, we’ve been putting it off until the weather warmed up. Below is some pics of today’s efforts. They are eating pureed fruit and yoghurt. For those who still can’t remember who’s who……Ben is wearing a green bib, Ethan is wearing a yellow bib.tn_PA010153 tn_PA010143 tn_PA010144 tn_PA010145 tn_PA010146 tn_PA010147 tn_PA010149 tn_PA010150 tn_PA010151 tn_PA010152