Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good bye Sharyn

Ben and Ethan's favourite teacher at school left last week. It was a sad goodbye. We will miss Sharyn.

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New playgroup

A friend of mine invited us to a playgroup open day. The boys had fun playing with some new toys. They even ran into a friend from preschool, and enjoyed playing with her.
The highlight was these tunnels, they had a great time playing and laughing.

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Happy Birthday Aunty Shell

We went to Shell and Michael's house last week for Aunty Shell's birthday.

We had a nice morning. We went to the park and the boys rode their new bikes. We watered Shell's plants...

And had some cake!

Happy Birthday Aunty Shell!!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random quote

Ben: See mum, that milk is from a cow, it has a cow on it, but that milk is from woolies, cause it has woolies [logo] on it.

To my international readers, "woolies" (aka Woolworths) is an large chain of grocery stores in Australia
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb 16th - new bikes

Ben and Ethan got new bikes today!
We went to the bike park last week and I took their tricycles and their balance bikes. Their tricycles are way too small :(
And their balance bikes are way too heavy to work, we tried again without much luck. They tried their friend's 2wheeler bike with training wheels and loved it!
We shopped around all week, and finally settled on these 14" (35cm) fire rescue bikes. They love them! (luckily for us they were on special!!)

They haven't ridden two wheeler bikes much before. They had a little turn of their friends bikes last week, and a few trials at the shops. This was their first go on their own bikes.

YouTube Video

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feb 15th - playgroup

Today was another multiple birth club playgroup.
We were delighted to see that the long awaited playground renovations were completed. The favourite new attraction? A water pump!

Pump the handle and the water comes out. HOURS of entertainment right there!

Some the playgroup twins

Team work to push a box!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb 14 - New shoes

Benjamin informed us the other day that his shoes (joggers/sneakers/runners - what ever you like to call them) were too small. He's hardly worn them this summer, so I'm not surprised that he's had a growth spurt and they are too small. We had a look, and sure enough his little toes were all the way at the end. We went out the next day to buy new shoes for both boys. Experience tells us this is the easiest way to do things! And Ethan's were equally as old and getting small soon.
Ben wanted green shoes, Ethan ofcourse wanted blue!

We found Ben some nice black ones with green trim and green soles. He is now a size 10

Ethan got some blue and black ones with motorbikes on them, similar to his old ones. He is size 11. They have both gone up one size.

Coffee at the shops..

Messy boys !!

Playing at the park after being cooped up in the pram at the shops. It's necessary for little boys to run off that energy...

Testing out their new shoes!

YouTube Video

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Feb 13th - swimming update

We are still going to swimming lessons twice a week. We are making good progress.
Here's a race from today's lesson.
Ethan is in a blue shirt with red sleeves (the instructor picks him up to save the boy that got stuck underwater). Ben is in a white shirt with blue sleeves. The both end up to the right at the end.

YouTube Video

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Feb 12th - resourceful

How to get your balloon back..

YouTube Video

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feb 11th - Jay's Place

This morning we went to a Jay's Place concert.
For those that don't know, Jay Laga'aia is a children's entertainer. We know him from play school and his DVD's. Ben and Ethan were very excited to learn that they were coming to his concert this morning.
This you tube clip is the sort of songs Jay does
Waiting to go in, with our tickets

Inside. Waiting excitedly

Waiting after the show to meet Jay

Ben and Ethan with Jay Laga'aia

Signed CD

And ticket.

It was a great show! Thanks Jay!
And thanks for those who've shown concern about Tracie's ankles. She is hobbling a bit better today, but still sore.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Feb 10th - down the stairs

Last night, just as we were about to get into bed, Tracie decided she needed her earphones from her bag. She went downstairs in the dark and fell down the bottom 2 steps. She sprained both of her ankles :(
She went to the (useless) doctor today who said, you're walking on them, so it's not broken. Need a sick leave certificate??
The doctor didn't even touch her ankles!
Anyway, she is taking it easy and resting as much as she can.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feb 9th – Feeding the ducks at the park


It hasn’t rained for 2 days!!! Woooohoooo.

We went to the park, and I’ve never seen the ducks so hungry!tn_IMG_3375 tn_IMG_3380.JPG (2)

Ethantn_IMG_3383.JPG (2) tn_IMG_3385

Bentn_IMG_3389.JPG (2)

Feb 8th – Mini Masterchef

Ben still loves helping to cook dinner. I am beginning to think that he’s just cleverer that I first thought. You see, the chef gets to taste test along the way, and hungry boys love to taste test. Hahahatn_IMG_3352.JPG (2)

Spaghetti and meatballs – Yummmm!tn_IMG_3354

Feb 7th - Coffee

I LOVE my morning coffee! tn_IMG_3346

Enough said….

Feb 6th - Lizards

We still get a lot of lizards in our back yard. The boys love looking at themtn_IMG_8490 tn_IMG_8488

Feb 5th – Nintendo Wii

We have owned a Nintendo Wii for years. We bought it when they first came out. We haven’t played it for AGES! It’s been sitting in our DVD cabinet gathering dust. We got it out, and after some minor repairs (removing 10cents from the disc drive) we were lucky enough to discover it still works! The boys were instantly attached. They played Mario Carts and had a great timetn_IMG_8483 tn_IMG_8485

They enjoyed it so much the first day, they asked for it constantly the next day. Unfortunately they are not old enough to be able to play it properly. They got SUPER frustrated with it, had a massive meltdown and the Wii has been put in the cupboard until they are older!

Feb 4th – Grandma visits

I missed Feb 3rd, oops!

Grandma came up, and as usual, bought some presents for the boys! It was only about 22C (68F) and cloudy. but the boys braved the cold pool to play with their new toys.tn_IMG_3335.JPG (2)

They are little battery powered penguins that swim through the water. A big hit!tn_IMG_3336.JPG (2)

Ben, jumping off the front porch.tn_IMG_3337

Ethan’s turntn_IMG_3338

Ben again.tn_IMG_3339.JPG (2)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feb 2nd - bath time

Tonight we had an extra long bubble bath.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feb 1st – Ethan in a truck



Jan 30th and 31st – New iPhone 4S

Tracie and I got new iPhones. We got the iPhone 4S. We are both happy with it. It has an 8MP camera. Here are a few of my 4S photos. These pictures, like all the photos I upload have been shrunk for uploading.


Jan 30th

tn_IMG_3277.JPG (2) tn_IMG_3281.JPG (2) tn_IMG_3283(2) 

Jan 31st – Two tired boys. Laying on the mat, playing with our old iPhones!tn_IMG_3290.JPG (2) tn_IMG_3291