Friday, April 27, 2012

We made it to Philadelphia

After a couple of very long and tiring days, we made it to tracies brothers place in Philly.
It was not a pleasant trip. Ethan developed gastro during our night in Hawaii. He vomited 5 times in about 2 hours around 1-3am. Then again when he woke up. He was surprisingly fine most of the day, we even went to the beach for a swim. Then in the afternoon the diarrhoea started :(
Poor love wasn't able to control it, so we got him some pullups, which he happily wore.
As we were waiting to board our plane and having our dinner later that night he threw up again. We had a 6 hour (red eye) flight from Hawaii to Seattle a two hour stopover then a 5 hour flight to Newark (new jersey). Poor Ethan had multiple episodes of diarrhoea and vomiting and became quite lethargic and dehydrated during these 2 flights. Tracie and I also started to get some abdo cramping, nausea and cold shivers during these flights. It was not pleasant at all :(
Ethan was a trooper, never complained and plodded along best he could.

I am happy to say, after we arrived in new jersey last night, Ethan has now gone 24 hours without vomiting. He has eaten small light meals today and is picking up :)
Tracie and I are also feeling better and it seems our immune systems were able to fight it off. Ben is so far unaffected. We are hoping it stays that way.

We are looking forward to spending a week here with tracies family before heading to Orlando, Florida to see Mickey mouse for the boys birthday!

Only one photo to share (rest on the actual camera). We bought some car seats in haiwaii for our rental cars. It's cheaper to buy our own American seats ($75each) than it is to rent them in 3 locations ($200each). And this way we know they are safe, new and clean.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aloha from Hawaii!!

We made it through our first flight!!
Ben and Ethan slept about 4-5 hours.
Tracie and Sal hardly slept at all.

We are all exhausted today, but we have been for a walk and enjoyed seeing the Waikiki beach.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Today is the day

It's 12:08am - which officially means its Monday and we are leaving today! Hahah

I have just finished my last evening at work, and I am about to go to sleep, just making some last minute lists to make sure we don't forget anything tomorrow.

The bags are 95% packed

The boys don't know we are leaving today, they still think it's a few days away, the excitement is maddening!!! So we haven't told them yet.

We have swimming lessons in the morning, then a few last minute shopping items to get before we leave

We are leaving around 1:30pm
It takes 2 hours to drive to the airport

Our flight is 6pm

It's so close now!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Temple run

Ben and Ethan love the iPhone game 'Temple Run'. For those that don't know it, basically you have to make the man run and jump and slide to avoid obstacles, while collecting coins.

This morning I woke up to hear the boys playing their own version of Temple Run. I came down stairs as they proudly told me they had made up a new game. Apparently in this version of the game, all the neatly folded clean clothes in the baskets became coins they had to collect as they ran around the house!
This is my (previously clean) house after their game.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Sorry about the random order of those train photos. I have a new iPhone app for blogging I am trying out...
Still not sure how it all works!

Trains with twins

Our local multiple birth club (which Sal is on the committee) held a family fun day at the little trains.
We enjoyed the day with Nanna, Aunty Shell, Grandma and all our twin friends!
It was a gorgeous day and we all had a fantastic time.
Ben and Ethan got their faces painted for the first time.
Ben was a clown. Ethan just wanted a rainbow (he loves rainbows, and his friend Ruby had a rainbow too)

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Silly boys in the bathroom.

Play group buddies

Ben and Ethan love their playgroup buddies :)

Dont smile

This is what I get I say "don't smile, don't smile"

Monday, April 2, 2012

3 Weeks to go!

3 Weeks until we leave for our big overseas trip :)

We had a trial pack last week. We think we have worked out the basics of what we are taking….


It’s getting closer now!!

21 days to go!!!

Tracie has 10 days of work left

Sal has 12 days of work left

Ben and Ethan have 6 swimming lessons left and only 2 days of preschool (missing next week due to easter)

Sunday at the beach

It was a beautiful weekend, so after some discussions of what to do, Ben and Ethan voted for the beach.

We had a great time at the beach. Ben and Ethan (and Mummy) dug some big holes. (Ethan in blue, Ben in red)

tn_P1000828 tn_P1000832 tn_P1000833 tn_P1000835

Then got some water to pour into the holes.

tn_P1000837 tn_P1000838 tn_P1000839 tn_P1000840 tn_P1000841 

and we got really wet!

tn_P1000842 tn_P1000844

So we went for a little jump in the waves. The sand bank was huge, and we walked out in the shallow water for ages.

  tn_P1000845 tn_P1000851 tn_P1000858

We had a wonderful morning at the beach…

(and thanks to Tracie for taking some pictures and giving me a break from the camera!)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cashed Up

We’ve had a money box for about 6 months, and have been putting spare change in it to save a bit extra for our trip.

We opened it and banked it last week


it was about $500…. nice bit of extra spending money :)

Grandma’s are Special

Ben and Ethan love having their Grandma come and visit. There’s nothing like snuggling with Grandma for a book.