Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New swing set from Nanna

Ben and Ethan got a swing set from Nanna for Christmas. As soon as we got home from Nanna’s house, they helped us set it up in the back yard.

tn_IMG_7514 tn_IMG_7517

Well, they helped for 5mins, then went off to play!tn_IMG_7518 tn_IMG_7519

Almost finished. . . . . . tn_IMG_7520 tn_IMG_7521

Wooohooo – new swing set!tn_IMG_7522  tn_IMG_7533 tn_IMG_7534 tn_IMG_7537 tn_IMG_7538  tn_IMG_7555 tn_IMG_7557 tn_IMG_7563 tn_IMG_7567 tn_IMG_7568 tn_IMG_7569 tn_IMG_7574 tn_IMG_7580 tn_IMG_7587 tn_IMG_7592 tn_IMG_7595 tn_IMG_7596 tn_IMG_7599 tn_IMG_7601 tn_IMG_7603 tn_IMG_7610 tn_IMG_7611 tn_IMG_7618

Ben and Ethan LOVE their new swing set. Thank you Nanna!!!!

Christmas with Nanna

On Boxing Day (the day after Christmas for my USA friends) we went to Sal’s Mum’s house (Nanna’s house) to celebrate Christmas and stay for 2 nights. We had a wonderful time  :)

Soon after we arrived, the boys wanted to exchange presents….. little boys find presents very exciting, and don’t like waiting too long!

Aunty Shell and Ethan


Nanna, Ethan, Ben and Aunty ShellIMG_7488

Nanna, and the bag we made for her.IMG_7493

Tracie getting her presentIMG_7494


Nanna and BenIMG_7497
Ethan with his helicopterIMG_7498

Helping Nanna open her other presentsIMG_7500 IMG_7503 IMG_7504

The photo frame we gave NannaIMG_7507 

A spontaneous game of wrapping up the boys in used wrapping paper…IMG_7508 IMG_7510 IMG_7511

and then unwrapping and tickling!IMG_7512

Time for Ben and Ethan’s present. Nanna wrote them a book. It starts “Where is Ben and Ethan’s present?”IMG_7505

The first clue asks “Is it in the pool?”…… At this point, we switched to video for the rest of the treasure hunt.


Thank you Nanna for a fantastic treasure hunt and great swing set. Ben and Ethan LOVED it!


According to the news, it’s been the coldest start to summer in over 70 years. We had a few warm days back in October/November, but most of December has been about 20-23C (67-73F) and overcast and raining most days. It managed to creep up to 28C (82F) when we were at Nanna’s house, so we jumped in the cold pool for a quick swim.P1000593 P1000594 P1000595 P1000596 P1000597 P1000598 P1000601 P1000602 P1000603 P1000607 P1000609 P1000614 P1000619 P1000621

Relaxing after a swim with Uncle Michael, Aunty Shell and Ethan….. who is using Shell’s phone to take a picture of them, while Ben is using our camera to take this picture!P1000629

We had a great time, relaxing with family at Nanna’s house. We did so much more, but took the time to enjoy it, and didn’t take any other photos.