Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nature Walk

Last weekend we went for a walk on a little hiking trail. It was a 1.6km (1mile) return trip. A perfect length for little legs. The boys had a blast, and we really enjoyed getting back to nature. It was so wonderfully peaceful in the middle of the bush.

tn_IMG_8548 tn_IMG_8552 tn_IMG_8553 tn_IMG_8555 tn_IMG_8558 tn_IMG_8560 tn_IMG_8562 tn_IMG_8575

Bird foot prints in the mud (fascinating to a little boy)tn_IMG_8576

Ethan taking a picture of the footprints (above)tn_IMG_8577 tn_IMG_8584 tn_IMG_8589 tn_IMG_8593 tn_IMG_8594 tn_IMG_8598 tn_IMG_8599 tn_P1000817 tn_IMG_8605 tn_IMG_8606 tn_IMG_8612

It was a great morning, and we shall defiantly be doing it again :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

4 weeks to go!

Today marks 4 weeks until we leave for our big trip to America.
We are starting to get really excited! We have booked and paid for almost everything we can organise ahead of schedule.
We are now up to trying to work out how on earth to pack 4 people's stuff into the right size and weight bags to meet the requirements of all 8 flights we will be taking. Wish us luck!
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weight check

It is exactly 6 weeks until my babies turn 4!
Wow, the time has flown by!

Ben - 15.3kg (33.7lbs)
Ethan 16.9kg (37.2lbs)

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Such Big BIG Boys!


Little Drumming Boys

My little helpers

IMG_3679.JPG (2)

Park again

IMG_3667.JPG (2) IMG_3669.JPG (2) IMG_3674.JPG (2)

Packages from Aunty Shell & Uncle Michael

IMG_3604 IMG_3609 IMG_3610 IMG_3611

Thanks Aunty Shell & Uncle Michael – boys love packages!


I had to do a (rare) morning shift at work the other week. The boys and I were happy to see this sunrise from our front door.


Loving new bikes

Ben and Ethan LOVE their new bikes. We went to the bike park almost daily for the first week or two after they got them. Here are a few pictures.

I think I may have uploaded the first 2 pics before, but I haven’t been on the laptop in weeks. I have only just seen the iPhone posts and the photo quality is terrible :( The pictures themselves aren’t as bad when they are published via the laptop. I’ll try and get on the laptop more…. sorry about that!IMG_3486 IMG_3492 IMG_3518.JPG (2)

In this photo, Ben is riding with his friend Maddie. The boys are friends with identical twins, Maddie and Ruby. We have been to the park with them a couple of times.IMG_3541 IMG_3568

We also took Grandma to the bike park. We had a picnic lunch and the boys did some riding. It was a beautiful morning :)IMG_3569

Cuddles for Grandma.IMG_3571


BenIMG_3573 IMG_3576