Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ethan the contortionist

Can you see him?tn_IMG_3255 He worked hard to squash him self in my toilet cabinet. Excuse the mess, he did that to get himself in,tn_IMG_3256

Singing Boys

Ben was in a singing mood this morning, and I managed to capture some songs on the phone’s video. The sound isn’t that great on these, sorry….. so you might need to turn up your volume.


Wheels on the bus – at the end, the bus goes “all the way to Grandma’s house”.

We have a book called ‘Driving to grandma’s house’ and in this book they sing wheels on the bus, which is why Ben is singing it that way.

Ben’s version of the alphabet song. A little mixed up in the middle, as usual….. but very cute!


Incy wincy spider.


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Row row row your boat…… (with twinkle star actions!)


Ethan and Ben doing ring-a-ring-a-rosie


Ethan’s turn with incy spider. He’s a comedian, and changes some of the words to gibberish, and thinks it’s very funny!


And another “Melody” from Ethan, with random gibberish in true Ethan-the-comedian style!

Another taste of summer…

We had some warm weather last week, and made the most of it outside and having fun. Unfortunately this week, it’s cold and rainy again. This spring is such a tease… warm for one week, cold and rainy the next :(


Summer fruit is out, and the boys LOVE it. They were thrilled when I served them up this fruit platter while they were playing in the water in the back yard.tn_IMG_3237 tn_IMG_3243 

We have also started to set up our slightly bigger pool This pool it about 6ft in diameter and probably about 2ft deep when full. In this picture it’s only about 10cm (3-4inches) deep, as we’ve only just started to fill it up. So far it’s only about 20cm deep, as local laws require it to be fenced with a pool fence once it’s 30cm (1ft) deep. We’ll get it fenced soon and then fill it completely.

Sorry this photo is so bad, it was taken with my iphone, through a glass window……To the left you can see Tracie and the boys under the shade of the umbrella eating yet another fruit plate.tn_IMG_3270

Thanks to Shell and Michael for this umbrella last Christmas. We have used it about 10times already this spring. It goes where ever we are in the back yard, as we don't have much natural shade….. it’s BRILLIANT!tn_IMG_3271

More yummy summer fruit.tn_IMG_3272

Ben in the pool. He is wetting Sal’s leg with the hose. tn_IMG_3281

So Sal got him back!!tn_IMG_3287

Sorry about the photos. Maybe these poor quality photos are a good reason to upgrade to the new iPhone 4s!?!?!

I want that 8mp camera on that phone!! hahaha

Fun at the beach

Summer is coming, and we are making the most of the occasionally extra warm spring days. We went to one of the local beaches last week, and had a great morning. For those that know the area, we went to Little Beach. For those who don’t know, it is a 600m (half mile) walk from the car park to the beach. It’s a nice walk and the boys enjoyed it. They did not know there would be a beach at the end of the walk, and enjoyed the surprise when the track opened out and they saw the sand and water. Little Beach has a fresh water creek running through the sand, with lots of river stones in the path of the water. It’s fun for the boys to play with the rocks, and we made pools and dams with the rocks.

Ben in the red shirt and hat. Ethan in blue, his hat kept blowing off as it was quite windy.

tn_IMG_3135 tn_IMG_3136 tn_IMG_3137 tn_IMG_3138 tn_IMG_3139 tn_IMG_3140 tn_IMG_3141 tn_IMG_3142 tn_IMG_3143 tn_IMG_3144 The 600m (half mile) walk uphill back to the car with two tired hungry boys wasn’t quite as enchanting as the walk down the the beach. Ethan cried for the first 5 mins, but with some clever distraction and education about the trees, bark, plants and animals we saw, the walk was over before we knew it.

In the last part of the walk as they were getting a little whingy again, we played a game of finding flowers and taking pictures with the iPhone. The following are Ben and Ethan’s photos of some wild flowers.tn_IMG_3146 tn_IMG_3147  tn_IMG_3149 tn_IMG_3150 tn_IMG_3153

We are really enjoying this age, and the new adventures we can take now they are just that bit older :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

6 months to go. . . . .

Today is exactly 6 months until we leave for our trip to USA.

We have booked the plane flights, but nothing else yet.

We plan to spend 7 nights with Tracie's brother (and family) in New Jersey.

Next we fly to orlando, and spend 9 nights in Florida. We will have our first day at Disney World on Ben and Ethan's 4th birthday. We will probably do 4-5 days of parks, and maybe a little road trip or day trips in between.

Next we fly to Texas and spend 5 nights with our friends.

Finally flying to Hawaii for 7 nights on the way home.

We are really looking forward to this trip. We have never taken the boys on a plane, or on such a long time away from home.

Tracie and I are desperate for some time off work, so we are counting down the months.

In the meantime, we are enjoying the warmer weather and planning the finer details of our trip.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Balance Bikes

Those with a really good memory will remember that Ben and Ethan got balance bikes for their 3rd birthday. They weren’t tall enough to use them back in May, but they are tall enough now. We got the bikes out 2 weeks ago for another try, and they could reach the ground.

Balance bikes teach you to ride a 2wheeler bike by pushing with your feet on the ground. No pedals, no training wheels…. they teach you balance first, and add the pedals later. Interesting theory!

tn_IMG_7028 tn_IMG_7032 tn_IMG_7033 tn_IMG_7042 tn_IMG_7044 tn_IMG_7045

After one attempt, they could manage to hold the bike upright and walk slowly while sitting on the bike. Both boys had fun, and we will defiantly have some more practice over the summer

Bush Walk

We went for our first bush walk with the boys recently. For my American friends, I know you don’t call it a bush walk, but I am struggling to remember the American words…… nature walk?? hike? …… something like that!! hahahaha Basically we went to a local nature reserve with heaps of trees and dirt and went for a walk!

Ethan wasn’t too sure about this new form of entertainment. He kept asking to go back to the car. We walked on a small circuit track and returned to the car after about 20 mins. As soon as we got to the car, he wanted to keep going! Funny boy. Ben loved every minute of it. They collected sticks, stones and general “treasurers” along the way. Unfortunately it’s been a bit wet to repeat the walk, but we look forward to doing it again :)


Ethan, Tracie and Bentn_IMG_6990


Ethan, with some trwasurerstn_IMG_6997



I liked this tree.tn_IMG_7011

Checking out something in the dirt.tn_IMG_7012 tn_IMG_7013 

Ethan, pretending to be an explorer, and telling me which way to go.tn_IMG_7019

Ethan and Ben. We are up the top of the mountain. Nice view up here.tn_IMG_7020

Tracie and Bentn_IMG_7023

Randomly Handsome




Water fun in the warmer weather

The weather is getting warmer, and there has been some beautiful spring days where the boys have managed to have some fun outside with water.

The following is some photos from a few different days over the last month.

tn_IMG_6841 tn_IMG_6842 tn_IMG_6850 tn_IMG_6853 tn_IMG_6857 tn_IMG_6871 tn_IMG_6878 tn_IMG_6893 tn_IMG_6896 tn_IMG_6898 tn_IMG_6909 tn_IMG_6911 tn_IMG_6918

tn_IMG_6949 tn_IMG_6960 tn_IMG_6966 tn_IMG_6968 tn_IMG_6973