Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Very smart and very grown up little boys

This evening as we were sitting at the table Ethan came out with two very grown up questions/ comments.

Firstly, to set the scene, Tracie had just literally walked in the door home from work as we sat down to dinner. About 5 mins into dinner, Ethan stops, looks at Tracie and says
"mumma, how was work today?"
Tracie replied "good thanks, how was your day?" and the conversation continued.
It was quite funny to us, and for people without a toddler, you might think - yeah, it's a simple question - but shows a lot of significance. ...
Toddlers are usually ego-centric, and operate in a world that revolves around them self. It is an interesting for him to ask how her day was.
Having said that, it is normal dinner conversation for us all to discuss our day, so he was mimicking what he heard... But it was still cute.

Later in the dinner conversation Tracie mentioned that she had developed a strange hip pain earlier that day and it was still troubling her. As she was talking about it, Ethan again speaks up and tells her that she has doctors at her work. Initially we weren't sure what he said that for, but then he went on to say something about the doctors at her work could help her hip pain.
Again, this comment was very interesting for us, as Ethan knows Tracie works in a hospital, and that there are doctors in hospitals.... but, the fact
that he can make the connection between all of the above shows a lot of thinking for a young mind.

Benjamin is a non-stop chatter box when it comes to the fire at the moment. We have recently started lighting out slow combustion fire as the evenings have been getting cooler. Ben LOVES watching the fire, and talking about it. He has a good knowledge and a good amount of fear to keep pretty safe around the fire. He talks about how a fire is hot, and how it can burn you, so don't touch it. He tells me I have to be careful when lighting it, and use the tongs to turn the wood. He keeps an eye on the fire and tells us when we need to add more wood.
He likes to listen to the sound the fire makes, and is fascinated by the sound of the metal ticking as it heats up from the flames.

Atleast with all his interest, he has some fear that results in some safety. Several times he told Ethan not to get too close, not to touch and to be careful. He saw my matches on the ground after I had lit the fire and he told me he wasn't allowed to touch them or he might get burnt.
He also told his grandma that she wasn't allowed to touch the fire, as only mummy and mumma can touch it.
He tells us to be careful we don't burn our house. There is a burnt house near their school that is just a black shell, so he is very aware what fire can do to a house. He likes to talk about that house, and how we don't want our house to burn like that.

It is truly amazing to watch their development and the things that they are now doing and saying.

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