Saturday, July 9, 2011

Great Central Coast Playground Tour of 2011

I have recently decided to visit every park in the local area. A friend of mine is going to join us, and has called our adventure the “Great Central Coast Playground Tour of 2011” (as a joke!). There is probably about 20 good parks, and 50+ average to poor parks in my (semi) local area. I am going to write a “review” of each park that will be published in our local multiple birth club news letter and website. My information will be a bit more twin specific than the average park information that is available on the local council website. Things like fences, pram accessibility and age appropriateness of equipment is on the list of things to talk about.

Last week we went to our first park together…. I haven’t been to this park before, it was amazing. It has a fully fenced younger kid area that attracted the under 6 crowd. It had a pirate ship, sandpit, house, swings, rockers, slide and  heaps of great stuff. There was also a HUGE bigger kid area that had a massive spider net, slides, rock climbing wall, round-a-bout, bike track, picnic tables, BBQ’s and so much more. We will defiantly be back to this park again!

To save me writing about every picture, Ben is in the yellow/green jacket and Ethan is in the orange.

I should also mention that these jackets are reversible jackets that came from Uncle Graham in America. The boys LOVE to wear them with the fleecy side out, as they have seen the men who operate the diggers, bulldozers and construction equipment wearing these bight coloured safety clothing. They call them “digger man jackets” and think they are just so cool wearing them!


View of the smaller child area from one sidetn_IMG_5834

The park from the other sidetn_IMG_5856tn_IMG_5840 tn_IMG_5842  tn_IMG_5864 tn_IMG_5866 tn_IMG_5876 tn_IMG_5881 tn_IMG_5886 tn_IMG_5888 tn_IMG_5902 tn_IMG_5904 tn_IMG_5908  tn_IMG_5922 tn_IMG_5936 tn_IMG_5945

A great morning at the park.

We are looking forward to another park next week :)

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M.D.Esquare said...

How fun! Such a lovely park. I cant get over how big your boys look. unbelievable.