Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week 1 of big school

It's Friday and we've officially made it through our first week of big school.

The boys love school. They are keen to go every day, and come home with lots of animated stories about playing with their friends at lunch time.

So far we can only establish they played a game counting to 10 and did some colouring in. I guess they are easing them into it! The boys are not very forthcoming with information about actual class activities. They have told us that their classroom has a toilet and a smart board! (Important info for a kid)

They formed the classes on Wednesday and both Ben and Ethan are in Mrs Flood's class (KF). She seems nice, she is also assistant principal and head of kindergarten. We are happy so far :)

The boys have been learning their getting ready for school routine. It's a basic getting ready routine, but we need to do it in a timely fashion, and not fuss and play around too much. Play time is after they are ready!

Here's our routine boards

They close the cardboard flaps when they have done that step. They are allowed to play before breakfast if they wake up before us and do those first few jobs.

We have only used this for 1 day, so there is still some excitement about it. I'm sure it will wear off and won't be used in a few weeks. Hopefully by then they will learn the routine and the right time to play. Playing when they haven't finished getting ready is the main problem we had before this chart. They would play all morning and we would constantly list the other things they should be doing. Apparently every morning they need reminding of the same jobs!

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What a great idea guys!