Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pre-School Photos

Ben and Ethan got their photo taken by a professional photographer at pre-school. We are very happy with how they turned out, and very proud of our handsome boys  and how well they behaved to get their photo taken. They were very happy to wear their handsome shirts that they got from Uncle Graham. They know their shirts are from Uncle Graham, and are very pleased with how they look in them.

tn_scan0001 tn_scan0002 tn_scan0003 tn_scan0004 tn_scan0005 tn_scan0006 tn_scan0007 tn_scan0008 tn_scan0009 tn_scan0010 tn_scan0011 tn_scan0012 

We were only given actual photos, so the above images were scanned. They have lost a bit of quality, but you get the idea!

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Mom of Twins! said...

Wow, those photos are INCREDIBLE!! They look so grown up!! I loved the photo's, your scanner does an amazing job. Did you ever get your new camera?