Monday, August 22, 2011

Toddler talk

Toddlers (or are they preschoolers now?!?!) say some funny things.
I often intend to post them on here as a memory, but mostly forget.
Here's some recent ones.

Right now we are sitting at the table having breakfast. Ethan finished first and got down to play. E got his bike and started riding. Ben soon followed with a very mischievous laugh, running over to get his bike.
Mummy: oh that Benjamin is trouble.
Mumma: trouble with a capital 'T'
Ethan: yes, him is trouble, but him is my brother.

Ethan's tone of voice was the funniest part. The first part of his sentence about Ben being trouble was said like he was resigned to the fact that he was trouble, and it was just something he would have to live with.
The second part "but him is my brother" was said with love. Like I he will love him, because he is his brother, even if he is trouble!

Last week there was another funny one.

Once again, trouble Ben was annoying Ethan. Ethan came to my crying and says
Ethan: Benny is annoying me. Benny said I was a naughty boy
Mummy: Don't listen to him darling, you are not a naughty boy.
Ethan: But I have TWO ears (pointing to his ears)!!!

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M.D.Esquare said...

PRECIOUS,PRECIOUS BOYS!!! :) Im sure they have you both rolling in laughter & tears. LOVE it!

Sal and Trace said...

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