Thursday, September 1, 2011

Right now

Right now it is 5:40pm on Thursday evening and the boys are in the bath.

Today we have been to swimming lessons, then the park. Spring is coming and the weather is beautiful at the moment. At the park we played for an hour, fed the ducks, had a long walk over the bridge and picked some flowers. We made a flower chain and saw some mud crabs!
We talked about crabs that live in holes, and hermit crabs in shells. We saw crab tracks in the sand, crab holes and balls of sand they had made.

After the park we took mumma to work and came home. At home we play outside for a while, and then came inside to relax.

We had dinner at 5pm, now we are up to the bath.

I'm hoping for an early night tonight as it's a school day tomorrow.

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