Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sal’s Birthday Party with Her Family.

It’s my birthday next weekend, but last weekend we celebrated with Nana, Aunty Shell, Uncle Michael and Aunty Linda. It was a great day, and everyone had lots of fun.


When we first arrived, the boys wanted to help Nana cook lunch. Below is three photos of Ethan cutting the cucumber. I love his facial expressions. The first shows such concentration and determination….tn_IMG_6115 Then a bit more relaxedtn_IMG_6119 Success!!tn_IMG_6120

Ben chopping the salad too.tn_IMG_6133tn_IMG_6124

Ethan with Aunty Linda. It was Aunty Linda’s birthday the week before. tn_IMG_6130 

Aunty Shell bringing in Sal’s present!tn_IMG_6136

Ethan helps unwraptn_IMG_6144

My lizards! – to hang in the garden.tn_IMG_6149 

Two helpers for the big onetn_IMG_6151

More garden art…… THANK YOU!!! tn_IMG_6156

Ethan, showing Uncle Michael how he can draw a persontn_IMG_6157

Cheeky Bentn_IMG_6159

Cheeky Ethan!tn_IMG_6160

Then we had some fun kicking the ball in the gardentn_IMG_6163 tn_IMG_6164 tn_IMG_6167 tn_IMG_6175 tn_IMG_6188 tn_IMG_6210 tn_IMG_6214 tn_IMG_6215

And we had a walk up to the local school which has some playground equipment.tn_IMG_6222 tn_IMG_6225 tn_IMG_6231 tn_IMG_6232 tn_IMG_6233 tn_IMG_6246  T

hen we played the game Aunty Linda gave to Sal for her birthday. Wasn’t it nice of Aunty Linda to give me a game for ages 3-7!!!

It is a game like “Operation” but for younger kids. It’s called ‘Silly Surgery’. It is a plastic blow up patient on a bed. He has a hole in his belly and about 10 blow up toys inside. You pick a card, which as a picture of one of the objects…


Then you must put your arm into his belly and feel around until you find the item on the card.tn_IMG_6264 


We had fun playing that game!!!tn_IMG_6267 

Boys and Uncle Michael play with Nana’s toys.tn_IMG_6269

Sal’s Birthday cake. Made by Shell….. THANK YOU!!!  - I LOVE IT!!tn_IMG_6272 tn_IMG_6275

….so did Ben!tn_IMG_6288 tn_IMG_6292


And finally, and all too rare family photo!tn_IMG_6248

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M.D.Esquare said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAL!!!! Looks like you had an amazing birthday. I feel SOOOO behind in reading all of your blog posts. LOVE watching the boys grow up....they have so many talents. I too have lots to post...but its going to take a while to catch up! Hugs to all!