Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bush Walk

We went for our first bush walk with the boys recently. For my American friends, I know you don’t call it a bush walk, but I am struggling to remember the American words…… nature walk?? hike? …… something like that!! hahahaha Basically we went to a local nature reserve with heaps of trees and dirt and went for a walk!

Ethan wasn’t too sure about this new form of entertainment. He kept asking to go back to the car. We walked on a small circuit track and returned to the car after about 20 mins. As soon as we got to the car, he wanted to keep going! Funny boy. Ben loved every minute of it. They collected sticks, stones and general “treasurers” along the way. Unfortunately it’s been a bit wet to repeat the walk, but we look forward to doing it again :)


Ethan, Tracie and Bentn_IMG_6990


Ethan, with some trwasurerstn_IMG_6997



I liked this tree.tn_IMG_7011

Checking out something in the dirt.tn_IMG_7012 tn_IMG_7013 

Ethan, pretending to be an explorer, and telling me which way to go.tn_IMG_7019

Ethan and Ben. We are up the top of the mountain. Nice view up here.tn_IMG_7020

Tracie and Bentn_IMG_7023

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