Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another taste of summer…

We had some warm weather last week, and made the most of it outside and having fun. Unfortunately this week, it’s cold and rainy again. This spring is such a tease… warm for one week, cold and rainy the next :(


Summer fruit is out, and the boys LOVE it. They were thrilled when I served them up this fruit platter while they were playing in the water in the back yard.tn_IMG_3237 tn_IMG_3243 

We have also started to set up our slightly bigger pool This pool it about 6ft in diameter and probably about 2ft deep when full. In this picture it’s only about 10cm (3-4inches) deep, as we’ve only just started to fill it up. So far it’s only about 20cm deep, as local laws require it to be fenced with a pool fence once it’s 30cm (1ft) deep. We’ll get it fenced soon and then fill it completely.

Sorry this photo is so bad, it was taken with my iphone, through a glass window……To the left you can see Tracie and the boys under the shade of the umbrella eating yet another fruit plate.tn_IMG_3270

Thanks to Shell and Michael for this umbrella last Christmas. We have used it about 10times already this spring. It goes where ever we are in the back yard, as we don't have much natural shade….. it’s BRILLIANT!tn_IMG_3271

More yummy summer fruit.tn_IMG_3272

Ben in the pool. He is wetting Sal’s leg with the hose. tn_IMG_3281

So Sal got him back!!tn_IMG_3287

Sorry about the photos. Maybe these poor quality photos are a good reason to upgrade to the new iPhone 4s!?!?!

I want that 8mp camera on that phone!! hahaha

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M.D.Esquare said...

Looks like you all are having a fabulous time this spring! Already missing our swimming days - enjoy them for us too! :)