Thursday, September 19, 2013

Superfun no-work day!

Today we had our second "superfun no-work day" with aunty Shell and uncle Michael.
Basically it's a day where we go out and do something fun together and nobody has to rush off to work. (As we shift work, someone (usually me) is often cutting our outings short to work).
Today we met at Shell and Michael's house and caught the train into the city.

After our train ride it was 11:30am and everyone was hungry so we stopped for lunch.
Then we went up Sydney's tallest building. When we were kids it was called centrepoint tower. Apparently it's now called Sydney tower eye!
For those that don't know, it's the pointy gold looking building in the background.

At the top we had a wonderful view. Ben and Aunty Shell (now 34weeks pregnant - hard to see in this black top at this angle)

Ethan and Tracie.

The view north.

Other view of the harbour. Botanic gardens around the waterfront.

After we came down the tower we walked to the Powerhouse Museum via Darling Harbour.
We had a break of walking at a fantastic park in Darling Harbour.
Ben, climbing up a water feature.

Ben thought he might get a bit wet (he wanted to run through water fountains) so stripped down to his underpants for some water play!

As you can see, Ethan wasn't so worried about his clothes (and he stayed dry too)

By this stage it was 3pm and we had to press on to the museum, but both boys are keen to return to the amazing park!
The museum was a big hit. They enjoyed a few of the science (space , light, robots, magnets, power) exhibits..... But their favorite was the kids area.

And the super-cool wiggles area!!

We left the museum around 4:30 and had a quick dinner at Shell and Michael's house before heading home. Both boys fell asleep on the hour drive home... Sign of a wonderful day I think!!!
We all had such fun, and we are looking forward to another superfun no-work day.... Maybe next time aunty Shell will be pushing a pram with her little baby :)
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