Saturday, November 2, 2013

New laptop…. new blogging possibilities!

So, we finally bought a new laptop this week. The other one was just so terrible, and the poor iPad was so full of photos, and the hard drive broke… it was just not working for us. We now have a new hard drive, new laptop and all is right with our photos again Smile

(Except this touch screen and windows 8 seems highly confusing to me!)


So, this is a quick blog, to see if I can make it work.. Here’s a few new pictures from our recent tn_IMG_1075

tn_IMG_1078tn_IMG_1086tn_IMG_1116tn_IMG_1124tn_IMG_1171tn_IMG_1174tn_IMG_1180tn_IMG_1201tn_IMG_1205tn_IMG_1213tn_IMG_1235 (2)tn_IMG_1259tn_IMG_1260tn_IMG_1278tn_IMG_1285tn_IMG_1318tn_IMG_1338tn_IMG_1357tn_IMG_1385

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