Thursday, December 5, 2013


Last weekend, we decided it was time to have a MASSIVE pre-christmas toy clear out and reorganisation of all the boys toys. Tracie got out all the toy we have in storage upstairs  (that’s a lot) and put them in piles in the living room. Pile to keep, pile to sell, pile to throw away.

On Tuesday, Trace went to work, and boys went to pre-school and I had my usual Tuesday alone. I went grocery shopping in the morning, and came home to continue organising the total mess of toys on our living room floor. About an hour or so into organising the toys, I walked into the living room and saw a snake tail disappear behind the TV unit. Then i heard it making noise as it moved behind there. i couldnt see it. I didnt know what type of snake it was, or how it got inside, or how long it had been there!!

I made a few phone calls, and finally got onto a wildlife group who had people that come to your house to remove snakes. I spent the next 4-5 hours sitting on the couch, snake-sitting. I didn’t want the snake to go somewhere in the house where i might lose it. I can’t say I was happy about it behind my TV, but at least I knew where it was!

At one point, the snake poked it’s head out one side of the TV, I moved and it went back again. A while later it poked its head out the other side. I got a better look this time, and was relieved to see it was a diamond python. (Better than the poisonous and aggressive brown snake or red-belly black snake). I stomped on the ground to scare it back behind the TV


At around 5:30pm the snake catcher arrived. About 10mins after Tracie and the boys arrived home, so they got to see the show!!) He poked the snake with his long pole and made it come out from behind the TV. He calmly picked it up and put it in a bag and took it away. He said it was quite fat, and probably a pregnant female. He was planning to let it go in local bushland.


We are now a little nervous about another snake visitor, and more careful to keep our doors and windows shut!

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