Friday, November 29, 2013

Santa Pic 2013

We went shopping the other day and saw Santa! Ben wanted to get his picture taken. Ethan took a little more convincing as he wasn't ready, and didnt know what to ask for!

Both boys asked for a surprise.

Santa was lots of fun. He told the boys that Dancer had been a bit naughty lately. Apparently, Dancer keeps sneaking into the workshop by head butting the door to let himself in. Once inside, Dancer eats all the chocolate. This has made Dancer quite fat, so Santa had to put him on a diet. Santa asked that Ethan give Dancer a stick of celery this year. Santa then asked Ben to put out 11 carrots for the other reindeer. Santa gave both boys a little bucket. filled with sand toys. Santa said that the carrots and celery can go in the bucket for the reindeer.

Ben and Ethan thought that this was fantastic, and loved hearing the story about the reindeer!

santa 2013

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