Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New swing set from Nanna

Ben and Ethan got a swing set from Nanna for Christmas. As soon as we got home from Nanna’s house, they helped us set it up in the back yard.

tn_IMG_7514 tn_IMG_7517

Well, they helped for 5mins, then went off to play!tn_IMG_7518 tn_IMG_7519

Almost finished. . . . . . tn_IMG_7520 tn_IMG_7521

Wooohooo – new swing set!tn_IMG_7522  tn_IMG_7533 tn_IMG_7534 tn_IMG_7537 tn_IMG_7538  tn_IMG_7555 tn_IMG_7557 tn_IMG_7563 tn_IMG_7567 tn_IMG_7568 tn_IMG_7569 tn_IMG_7574 tn_IMG_7580 tn_IMG_7587 tn_IMG_7592 tn_IMG_7595 tn_IMG_7596 tn_IMG_7599 tn_IMG_7601 tn_IMG_7603 tn_IMG_7610 tn_IMG_7611 tn_IMG_7618

Ben and Ethan LOVE their new swing set. Thank you Nanna!!!!

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