Saturday, December 24, 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Ok, I have to start by saying SORRY! for my blogging absence. I know it’s been almost a month, and that’s terrible. In my defence. December is an exhausting month, and I’ve been so tired in the evening I cant be bothered blogging!

So here’s the month…. Christmas style!

Setting up the Christmas Tree with Nanna tn_IMG_7162

Ben, getting out the traintn_IMG_7163

Nanna helps Ethan spread out the branchestn_IMG_7165 tn_IMG_7166

So exciting!tn_IMG_7167

Happy Bennytn_IMG_7168

Putting on the star! tn_IMG_7173 tn_IMG_7174

Ben and Ethan’s favourite part, the Christmas Train!tn_IMG_7175

The train was most defiantly the high light of the festivities. Unfortunately this was the best picture we got of the tree. More to come on Christmas day I’m sure!tn_IMG_7178 

Fire place.tn_IMG_7187

Our toy storage unit, and the decorations on top. (Out of reach of little hands)tn_IMG_7188

Of course a photo with Santa!IMG_3411 

We spend one Saturday in December at Nanna’s house for a Christmas party with Sal’s extended family. All the kids had a water fight, it was a first for the boys, and they LOVED it!tn_IMG_7192 tn_IMG_7193 tn_IMG_7195 tn_IMG_7196 tn_IMG_7200 tn_IMG_7201 tn_IMG_7202 tn_IMG_7203 tn_IMG_7207 tn_IMG_7210

Tracie (Mumma)tn_IMG_7213

We also spent one morning in December at the Multiple Birth Club Christmas party.tn_P1000543

Every morning we wrote on our chalk board how many days there are until Santa comestn_P1000570 tn_P1000571

Benny wrote “10” all by him self!tn_P1000572

And throughout the month, we used our home made advent calendar. It was a HUGE success. Ben was especially keen to check it every day and watch the parcels get less and less.tn_P1000573 tn_P1000574

Also in December we made Christmas presents for the boys’ teachers. We bought plain calico bags from a local craft shop. We then decorated them with fabric paint. We made 5 of these for their teachers. tn_P1000575

Teachers presents all wrapped uptn_P1000576

We also gave the teachers hand made cards and rocky road.tn_P1000577

Closer to Christmas we made a gingerbread train.

It was rather difficult and slightly disastrous!tn_IMG_7214

This is how it turned out……. (it lasted 5 mins before it fell apart and melted!) tn_IMG_7219

Christmas Eve, Aunty Shell and Uncle Michael came to celebrate Christmas with us.

The present giving/receiving was the highlight for the boys!tn_IMG_7220 tn_IMG_7221 tn_IMG_7222  tn_IMG_7228 tn_IMG_7229

Ahhhh, Ben and Ethan’s favourite present…. A water squirting toy.   tn_IMG_7226

Benny LOVED it, and spent hours running round in the yard. Unfortunately at the start of the morning, it was overcast and raining…. though that didn’t bother the boys.. As the morning progressed, the sun came out, and by lunch time, it was sunny…… Due to the initial rainy/cloudy start to the day, today, poor Ben got his first ever sunburn :(tn_IMG_7230 tn_IMG_7231 tn_IMG_7234 tn_IMG_7236 tn_IMG_7237 

As I type, it’s 9pm on Christmas Eve…... The boys are very excited about Christmas tomorrow.

They both sat on Santa’s knee a few weeks ago and both asked Santa for a Robot. They have been good boys, so they should get a robot…. they were sure to ask Santa what type of cookies he likes. He told them chocolate chip.

Today we made chocolate chip cookies for Santa, and put them out for him with milk….. plus some carrot for the reindeer too!


It’s been a busy month, sorry again for the lack of blogging….. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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