Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

It’s been a wonderful Christmas.

Going to bed on Christmas eve, Ben informed us that he would wake up for a drink in the night, and check to see if Santa had been! We tried to discourage this idea, but he was determined!

He did wake for a drink just as we were “busy” getting things ready before bed! Close call!

We placed a clothes horse (indoor clothes line) at the top of the stairs, in case he woke again in the night. It would have prevented him from going downstairs, or at least made a lot of noise if he tried.

Luckily both boys slept until 6:45am! We were awake before the boys! Ethan was awake first, and when he checked to see if Santa had been, the look of delight on his face as he saw the pile of presents was priceless! He ran to wake Ben….. and the fun began :)

Santa’s presents by the fire placetn_IMG_7245

All the presents to/from Mummy, Mumma, Grandma, Ben and Ethan!tn_IMG_7251

The boys started with the presents they bought for each other. We took them shopping separately and helped them choose a present to buy for their brother. It was the first time we have done it, and they loved it.

First, Ethan gave Ben his present (and helped him open it)tn_IMG_7252

It is a foam rocket that you stomp on a pump and air power launches it in the airtn_IMG_7253

And then Ben gave Ethan his presenttn_IMG_7255 tn_IMG_7256

and helped him unwrap it!tn_IMG_7257 tn_IMG_7258

A Dora the Explorer book with “iphone”tn_IMG_7259

“Thank you” cuddles :)tn_IMG_7260

Santa’s presents!tn_IMG_7262

Both boys got their robots.tn_IMG_7266

And a few books tootn_IMG_7268 tn_IMG_7272 tn_IMG_7274

Boys help Grandma open her present tootn_IMG_7279

A shopping bag that the boys made for Grandma (fabric paint, the same as we made the teacher bags)tn_IMG_7281

Boys open another present…. (excitement is pretty high at this point)tn_IMG_7282 tn_IMG_7284 tn_IMG_7287

Ta-Da….. a new shop! (Thanks Grandma!)  tn_IMG_7291

Benny helps Mummy open her present (from Ben)tn_IMG_7295

And some help for Mumma tootn_IMG_7302

Mummy opens her present from Grandmatn_IMG_7303

Ohhhhh, American money for our trip next year…. Thank you!!!tn_IMG_7307

Ben opens his microphonetn_IMG_7310

Ethan gets his present readytn_IMG_7312

A toy petrol (gas) pumptn_IMG_7315

Mumma again…tn_IMG_7317

Ben gives Grandma another presenttn_IMG_7319 tn_IMG_7323

A photo frame for Grrandma (we hope she can fit it in her house!)tn_IMG_7324

Ben trying out his new microphonetn_IMG_7325 tn_IMG_7326

It’s time to open the big present!


Ethan filling his new truck with petrol (gas)tn_IMG_7328

Ben with another presenttn_IMG_7332

And Ethantn_IMG_7336 

Mummy with her new electric screwdrivertn_IMG_7347

Benny was getting a little present mad. He kept wanting anothertn_IMG_7348 tn_IMG_7350

Ethan was a bit over the presents and wanted to playtn_IMG_7352 tn_IMG_7354 tn_IMG_7355 tn_IMG_7356

The last big one (another from Grandma)tn_IMG_7359

A toy kitchentn_IMG_7363 tn_IMG_7365

Mumma assembling the kitchentn_IMG_7366

Benny with his new play-doh toytn_IMG_7367

Chaotic Christmas mess!!!tn_IMG_7368 tn_IMG_7373

Wow, what a morning of presents and paper and chaos! I dont think I’ve ever seen a Christmas with so many presents! I am quite sure there were far too many presents!!

Here they are….


Play-doh toys




Sand toys and balls tn_IMG_7387

Petrol (gas) pump and microphonetn_IMG_7388



Alphie robots, books, diving rings and trainstn_IMG_7391

More play-doh toystn_IMG_7392 tn_IMG_7393

All the rubbish!!!tn_IMG_7394

Christmas Lunchtn_IMG_7395

Flying kites at the park after lunch (boys first time flying a kite)tn_IMG_7407 tn_IMG_7410 tn_IMG_7416 tn_IMG_7420 tn_IMG_7423 tn_IMG_7428 tn_IMG_7441 tn_IMG_7446 tn_IMG_7451 tn_IMG_7462 tn_IMG_7465 tn_IMG_7468 tn_IMG_7475

Trains we saw. We waved at the freight train and the driver blew the horn a few times. The boys loved it!tn_IMG_7477

And of course Christmas in Australia wouldn’t be complete without some water play!tn_IMG_7379 tn_IMG_7380

Wow, what a Christmas!!! 

We are all exhausted, but had a wonderful day.

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family :)

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