Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Tracie, Sal, Ben and Ethan celebrated Christmas in our own home, just the 4 of us this year. It was a nice change.

We told the boys all about Santa for weeks leading up to Christmas, saw all the hype in the shops and around the neighbourhood and by the time Christmas was here, the boys were very excited for Santa to come!

On Christmas Eve, (while Sal was at work) Tracie and the boys made cookies for Santa. Then later (after Sal got home from work) we decorated them together.


Christmas morning….. Santa came (they must have been good boys this year)

tn_IMG_3976tn_IMG_3978tn_IMG_3979A Thomas the Tank Engine train set and table!tn_IMG_3980tn_IMG_3983Full stockingstn_IMG_3987And Santa ate all his cookies and drank all his milk.tn_IMG_3990The reindeer ate all their carrot too!tn_IMG_3991

Ethan was the first one up, and he was still a little tired, but very excited to see that Santa had been..tn_IMG_3995tn_IMG_4000Chocolate around his lips from his first taste of chocolate money – I think he ate about 10 that morning!tn_IMG_4002

Benny woke up about 10-15 mins later…tn_IMG_4003Checking out the stockings….. there’s presents in there!tn_IMG_4008tn_IMG_4010tn_IMG_4011tn_IMG_4012tn_IMG_4018tn_IMG_4020tn_IMG_4022tn_IMG_4026Boys help Mummy with her presenttn_IMG_4028I LOVE my photo frame,,,, THANK YOU!!!!tn_IMG_4030Back to the train table.tn_IMG_4033Ben’s favourite toy….. Ethan’s piano!tn_IMG_4035

Mumma got some cook books and computer games.tn_IMG_4037tn_IMG_4039tn_IMG_4043tn_IMG_4048tn_IMG_4049tn_IMG_4051

An alphabet learning fridge magnet game. Very cool!tn_IMG_4053

Parking garage – a BIG hit!tn_IMG_4054tn_IMG_4059tn_IMG_4067tn_IMG_4075tn_IMG_4079The alphabet game on the fridge. The boys did not know any letters before this game. Now (2 weeks later) they know about 3 letters each. They play with it every day. We haven’t really tried to teach them letters yet, they are just picking it up.tn_IMG_4083tn_IMG_4084tn_IMG_4091

Christmas morning was great fun. We did a baked chicken and vegetables for lunch, and I ate too much!

Christmas afternoon I, (Sal) went to work, while Trace and the boys had a quiet afternoon at home playing with new toys.

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