Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Christmas–Early December 2010

We had a couple of Christmases this year. Our first Christmas was with the boys’ grandma (Tracie’s Mum) as she spent the actual Christmas period and most of January with her son in USA. We treated this Christmas like a real Christmas day. We set up the presents under the tree the night before and the boys came down stairs to see presents under the tree. We had told them this wasn’t when Santa would come, that would be later.

“Christmas Eve” the boys and grandma made a ginger bread house…


For breakfast we made pancakes. Mickey Mouse shapes for the boys.


And the Christmas fun begins…....

tn_IMG_3801tn_IMG_3803tn_IMG_3806tn_IMG_3808A Thomas Train for each boy (and yes, that’s Nana in the background. She joined us for the morning celebrations)tn_IMG_3814tn_IMG_3816tn_IMG_3821tn_IMG_3826tn_IMG_3829tn_IMG_3834Tools and tool benches for each boy!tn_IMG_3837tn_IMG_3839tn_IMG_3841tn_IMG_3842tn_IMG_3844tn_IMG_3851tn_IMG_3857And a bubble game.tn_IMG_3867All gone!tn_IMG_3862

Coffee and ginger bread house for a snack.tn_IMG_3864

And we thought it would be a good day to set up our plastic pool that we bought a few weeks before. We were excited to find this 8 foot diameter pool on sale at toys r us for $50!! It comes complete with filter pump and when full, it comes up to the boys chests when standing, or just below an adult’s chin if they sit down. Perfect for cooling off on a summer day…. As I post this almost a month later, it’s been a miserable cold, rainy start to the summer and we’ve only used it about half a dozen times. Bring on summer!!!tn_IMG_3875tn_IMG_3883tn_IMG_3897

One last present from Grandma.. (Grandma spoils her grandsons)


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