Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sauce shapes

The other night, I (sal) made the boys some dinner, just like normal.... This time I thought I'd make it a bit interesting and put the tomato sauce (ketchup) on the plate in front of them. (for some reason they like seeing it come out of the bottle)
So, I started with Ethan and asked him what shape sauce he would like. I expected him to say star or square or circle or something - well, you can imagine my surprise when he asked for elephant shaped sauce!!! I though this was hilarious, so here is my attempt at elephant shaped sauce (sorry i can't make it the right way)

Ethan seemed very happy with his elephant sauce, So then I go to Ben. I think by this stage he has thought about what shape he'd like, because when I asked, he said he wanted a camel!!!
I have no idea where camel came from.... But I tried to oblige and make him a camel...
(sorry again it's the wrong way)
Unfortunately Ben stuck his food right into the camel before I could snap my picture, so its first hump is a little smeared.

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M.D.Esquare said...

Brilliant!!! I'm going to try a hand at animal sauce shapes. :)