Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All better - hand foot and mouth disease

I am pleased to say Ben and Ethan have made a full recovery from (presumed) hand foot and mouth disease.
They are back to eating and drinking normally.

We think the virus made Ethan lose about 500g (600g = 1lb). We did not have any recent weights to get a definite weight loss, but that is a rough guess.

We are so pleased they are better

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Mom of twins! said...

Oh...I am so happy they are feeling better! that is a horrible virus and just so painful. Are they eating back to normal and sleeping well? How are you guys holding up, when you have two little boys with painful sores at the same time.....OH BOY!! I love reading your blog, I cant believe the boys are not in naptime diapers(pull ups) at night! Good job