Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Potty training update.

Potty training is going really well lately. We gave up pullups all together a few weeks ago and made them wear underwear all day (rather than t-shirt only and naked bum at home).
It has work really well, and we are now going days without accidents, rather than hours.
They are both now in underpants at night as well. Ben has been for 2-3 weeks and going great, we learnt the hard way that milk after dinner is no good for a little boy. Apart from one accident, he's been great.
Ethan has been in night underpants for about a week ( we accidentally ran out of night nappies) and also doing well. Only one accident so far.

Ethan is still stubborn about his weeing habits. He only goes on his schedule, and doesn't often wee on command. Ben is very good at weeing on command and can usually squeeze out even a few drops when asked! (like before going out or before bed)

So finally, 4-5 months after we started we are making some consistent progress. Yay!

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