Friday, March 18, 2011

School (day care)

Well, after much decision making, and enthusiasm, especially from
Ben, we have found and enrolled the boys in a day care centre. They call it "school" (pronounced gool in toddler speak.)
They will attend school one day a week, with the possibility of increasing to two or more if they enjoy it.
Today was their first day. Ben was so excited he was awake at 5am!
They were super excited getting ready in the morning, and were ready to leave around 8:30.

They ran into the room this morning, and we left after a short time. We picked them up around 2pm, and the teachers tell us they had a great day, and were very happy, good boys all day.
They are exhausted this afternoon!
Some art work from today

They are already talking about going back next week.

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Mom of twins! said...

Wow that is so great they LOVED school!!!

M.D.Esquare said...

LUCKY! I wish Ev was that excited about the thought of school. Cant wait to see/hear more about school.