Sunday, January 1, 2012

New years resolutions

My new years resolution is to savor more of the special pre-schooler moments. I am shocked to realize they will turn 4 this year (only 4 short months away) and the beautiful age of 3 is passing me by so quickly :(

Some of my friends in the past have chosen a 'word of the year' to provide inspiration for their year. I have never chosen a word, but this year, my word is 'moments'.

I want to stop, pause and enjoy the special moments that this age has to offer.
As many of my mother friends will know, this age is also one of bickering, fighting, trials and trouble. I want to try and relax, and focus on the positives. It's an age of learning, discovery and fun. It's a beautiful age.

I also want to try and take more photos, project 365 (basically taking a photo every day of the year) sounds like a tough ask. Can it really be done?

2012 is going to be a great year.
We are all looking forward to our big American trip. The count down is defiantly on!
3months, 3weeks and 1 day to go!!!

Happy 2012 everybody :)

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