Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ben has learnt to ride a bike!

Ben and Ethan have been riding a bike with training wheels for well over a year now. We do not have anywhere for them to ride in our back yard, so they do not ride very often. A while ago we took their training wheels off, but it was not very successful so the training wheels went back on again.

On Thursday, we went to the local bike park with their friend Hayden. Hayden doesn't ride with training wheels, and I was hoping a little peer pressure would encourage them to want to learn without the training wheels.

When we came home, Ben was instantly keen to have his training wheels removed. The boys also own balance bikes so he started out gliding on the balance bike. Then we moved to his bike, without pedals and he was pushing along the ground with his feet and practicing balance. He mastered that by bed time on Thursday.

Friday evening (after pre-school) he was keen to try riding again,  so we took him out into the Cul-de-sac and put the pedals on his bike. He rode for about half an hour until dinner was ready. He started to get the idea of pedalling and balance. He struggled to get himself started. Steering was also tricky, he rode where-ever his balance took him.

Saturday he was keen to go to the bike park again with Hayden. We only got in half an hour of riding before the rain came, but he improved SO MUCH in that time. He learnt to steer. Getting himself going from a stationary position was the last step.

When we got home from the park, the rain eased, and we manged to get in another ride in the street. Ben mastered the whole thing!

Ben Can now start, pedal, steer balance and stop!!! We are so proud, he leart to ride in 3 days! He is also very proud of himself.

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