Friday, November 29, 2013

Preschool Graduation

Ben and Ethan graduated from pre-school this week. They have been going to the same day care/ preschool since March 2011. They have formed many friendships and loved going to ‘school’. This year, they have been attending 2 days a week (Tuesday and Friday). After Christmas they will begin Kindergarten.

I blogged about the start of school here. This is how my little boys looked on their first day.


This is how big and handsome they looked at their graduation.







And of course a picture with their best friend Hayden


And with their favourite teacher, we will miss the wonderful teachers at their preschool.


Graduation Cupcakes!


The graduating class..


On presentation of their certificate, Nat announced what the children would like the be when they grow up.

Ben would like to be a policeman

Ethan would like to be an actor, or many other things..

I did take a video of their graduation, but their certificate shows their last name and school name, so for safety, it will not be uploaded.

Well done Ben and Ethan for graduating preschool!

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