Tuesday, January 10, 2012

9th Jan – Bubbles and Swings

Tracie fixed the boys’ bubble machine that they haven’t been able to play with in months. It was like a brand new toy, and they laughed and ran around the yard in delight, catching bubbles and having fun.tn_IMG_7980 tn_IMG_7990 tn_IMG_7993 tn_IMG_7994 tn_IMG_7998 tn_IMG_8003 tn_IMG_8011 tn_IMG_8015 tn_IMG_8016 tn_IMG_8025 tn_IMG_8045

Then of course they played on the swings. tn_IMG_8054 tn_IMG_8057 tn_IMG_8064 tn_IMG_8065 tn_IMG_8068 tn_IMG_8072 tn_IMG_8077

The boys had great fun. The incorporated their Fireman Sam games into their play. The play quite well together these days. The still fight, mostly over possession of objects, but on the whole, they are great friends and enjoy playing together.

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